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03 October 2011 @ 07:03 pm
When the Umpteenth Time Is the First Time - Bill/Laura - MA  
Title: When the Umpteenth Time Is the First Time
Author: sira01</lj>
Rating: MA
Fandom: BSG
Pairing: Adama/Roslin
Warning: rough sex
A/N: Just a bit of PWP (yes, there is no plot here but the thing is mercifully short). Thank you soooo much to ufp13 for betaing and giving that thing a title. You rock, hon!

When the Umpteenth Time Is the First Time

"Good thing your son isn't here.“

The thought Lee could see them like this – hidden in the shadows behind his viper, the admiral of the fleet frakking the president against the wall, a pair of torn panties lying on the ground to their feet – would be an amusing one if she weren’t somewhat preoccupied. Later, she would make him pay for the ruined panties; she only had four pairs of underwear left now.

To be fair, the moment he had ripped them, she hadn’t minded. Not when it had meant Bill on his knees in front of her, his tongue chasing all conscious thoughts away. Gods, this man had a talented mouth, even if he didn’t use it much for talking.

When he kissed her hard, she tasted herself on his tongue. It drove her crazy, made her ache once more. No one made her as wet as Bill Adama, menopause and cancer be damned.

Pulling away, causing a quiet mewl of complaint from her, he turned her so she had her back to him. Both of his hands went to her ass, squeezing it, a growl escaping his lips.

"Have you ever done this before?"

Was he kidding? She had done it against a wall more times than she liked to count.

Entering her without further warning, he frakked her hard, one hand between her legs, stroking her clit, the other buried in her hair, yanking back her hair so hard it hurt.

He didn’t falter in his rhythm, thrusting, stroking, taking, whispering obscenities into her ear. Bill overwhelmed her in a way she hadn’t known before, took everything she had to give as if it was his due. At the same time, he aroused her, sent her desire spiralling so fast she began to feel dizzy. Very close to coming, she had to bite her lip so hard she tasted blood to not cry out.

"Not until I'm satisfied," he growled.

How did he want to stop her from doing it?

“If you come before I allow you to, I’ll give you a spanking so hard you won’t be able to sit for a week.”

Her temper flared. No one was allowed to talk to her like that. No one… but Bill Adama. Her protest was nothing more than a weak, lusty hum.


Frakking her even faster, telling her how wet she was, how tight, how much he liked to taste her… keeping her hovering at the brink, he suddenly pulled her against him, his movements jerky as he let go. His mouth now on her neck, biting down, surely leaving a mark.

Damn him for marking her. Damn him for denying her.

He stroked her harder, his touch the sweetest pain. Her body was taut, her breath caught in her throat. She needed to breathe, needed to come.


Pleasure flooded her, her body trembling helplessly, Bill being all that kept her upright, now soothing her with words she didn’t listen to.

No, she had never done it quite like this before.

~ End ~