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01 March 2011 @ 07:56 pm
Once More With Feeling - Laura/Bill - AU - 15/15  
Title:  Once More With Feeling
Author: sira01 
Pairing:  Adama/Roslin
Rating: overall story MA, this chapter MA
Summary: Sometimes running into a stranger can turn your whole life upside down.
A/N: Okay, this is it... the last chapter. I want to thank anyone who took the time to read and reply. Reading your thoughts of the story meant a lot to me. By the way,  I have no idea how I managed to end this story with a MA rated chapter.  This is the last smut though. Promise. *lol*

Chapter 15

Apart of a short nap, Bill couldn’t sleep, didn’t want to. Tired as he was, sleep would feel like wasting the last hours he had with Laura. The knowledge he wouldn’t spend another night in her bed tore at his hear, made him aggressive, the want to punch something nearly overwhelming. The situation felt unfair to him, even if he knew it wasn’t. It was the life he had chosen so he couldn’t blame anyone but himself. Still, that he’d find true happiness only to have to give it up after a few short days, it didn’t seem fair.

He loved Laura, loved her with all he was. If he were younger, had his life still ahead of him, he’d propose on the spot. But he wasn’t young, didn’t have much to offer. It wasn’t something he could change either. He was too old to make a true career in the Fleet or on Caprica.

He had loved before, had loved when he’d been young and eager. It hadn’t been enough.

The love he felt for Laura was stronger than the love for the woman he had called his wife had been. It was more encompassing. It was freeing instead of imprisoning him.

Lying a mere foot away from Laura, not daring to touch her, lest she’d wake up, he soaked up the view in front of him. He wondered if she realised he’d never switched off the lights, but he doubted it. Did she even have an idea how amazing she was? She looked young in her sleep, nearly carefree, and if he’d know how, he’d spend his days making her look as content as she did in this moment.

He wondered what she’d say if he asked her to continue their relationship, that he’d like to see her again. Would she agree? Would she want the same? Part of him liked to think so. Although, even if she wanted it now, he didn’t think she’d still want it in a year or two years from now. He didn’t think he could stand it, stand the rejection of the very one woman who meant the world to him. He suppressed a sigh. If she knew of his thoughts, she’d call him smothering, and she’d be right. He either gave everything or nothing, he didn’t do things halfway.

Maybe the greatest gift he could give her was to go and not look back. Would he? Would he be able to do that?

Another option would be to go and come visit her during his next shore leave. If she still had any feelings left for him after the urge to slap him had passed, they might be able to work something out.

Laura stirred, and his thoughts halted. She yawned, frowning, her nose crunching rather adorably. Then her eyes opened, unfocussed at first, then finding him, smiling.

“Hey, is it time to get up, yet?”

He shook his head. “We still got several hours.”

“So you should be asleep.”

“I’ll sleep. You should sleep some more as well.”

Her eyes closed for a second; however, she opened them again.

“No, I don’t want to sleep. I can sleep in the afternoon, after you’re…,” she trailed off.

“After I’ll be gone.”

“Yes,” she said, sadness creeping into her eyes. “After you’ll be gone.”

He didn’t want her to be sad, didn’t want to be the reason she felt this way.

“How would you like to spend the few hours left?” he asked, smiling even if he didn’t feel like it.

She contemplated the question for a few moments, scooted closer so she could kiss him, nibbling at his bottom lip.

“How about a shower and then breakfast. Someone wore me out. Then we could have a… nap… if you want to.”

“Yeah, sounds good. But I like a word with the one wearing you out.”

She laughed quietly, sat up in bed, the blanket dropping to her waist.

“Don’t be too hard on him. Personally, I’m rather fond of him.”

“Are you?”

“Yes.” Leaning into him, she slung an arm around his waist, running a hand down his back, her nails scorching his skin, marking him. It hurt, yet he didn’t let out a sound. He understood her wish to leave an imprint, understood it way too well.

“You know,” she whispered. “He’s great in bed.”

“Is he?”

“Yeah, just incredible.”

He could swear she was batting her eyelids at him. But before he could call her up on it, she was out of bed.

“You coming?”

Getting up himself, he followed her into the shower, and they took their time cleaning the other, were playful, teasing each other. This wasn’t about sexual release but about the joy of touching the one you were with, connecting with the person you loved.

He knew, over time, he’d forget how Laura’s skin felt, his memories of her scent would dim, still he tried to take something he could take with him.

“How are you?” she asked.

They were holding onto each other, the spray of warm water raining down on them. Her head was resting against his shoulder.

“Sore. Sad. Tired,” he answered truthfully. “You?”

“The same.”

She kissed his shoulder. “I’m sorry about the sore.”

“Don’t be. I enjoyed it.”

“So I can hope you won’t forget me directly.”

He pulled away. “I could never forget you. Never.”

“Good.” She looked as if she wanted to say something else, but nothing was forthcoming. Getting out of the shower, they didn’t linger, dressed themselves in the early morning hours. The sun was just about to come up when they made their way to her kitchen where she began slicing fruit while he prepared them coffee. Once again, he realised how much in tune they really were with each other. It was a wonder. One week ago, he had set foot on Caprica, having no idea how he could spend such a long time. He had never expected to find shelter, to find love, but he had. Laura had showed him that this life held much in store if one only bothered to look.

Could he ever let her go?

Time passed too fast. No matter how much she willed it to slow down, it didn’t. After breakfast, they’d made love, had lingered in bed, had another shower, this time separately because she didn’t trust their ability to keep their hands off each other. Since he had hit the shower first, she had some time in the bathroom afterwards while he got dressed.

She stopped in front of her mirror. She didn’t look happy. That she looked a bit tired had to be expected thanks to the little sleep she had last night, but that wasn’t all there was about it. She didn’t want Bill to leave. Not like this anyway. The entire morning, she had waited for him to make a move, to tell her he wanted to see her again. He hadn’t. It wasn’t that she was too shy a woman to make a move herself, but she felt the reluctance to commit was his problem, not hers.

Gods, she’d lie if she said she wasn’t scared. She hadn’t let any man into her heart in such long a time. If you didn’t love, you couldn’t get hurt. But it would be foolish to ignore her feelings for Bill Adama. He had already gotten under her skin. To not acknowledge what was between them would only serve to hurt her.

She sighed, it wasn’t that she wanted marriage, a lifelong commitment; all she wanted was for him to give them a chance. As fond as she was of him, sometimes, Bill’s stubbornness made her want to hit him over the head.

Reaching for some body lotion, she began to rub it in, only to stop when she reached her thigh. An angry purple mark was staring back at her. She remembered the moment so clearly as if it had only just happened. To know Bill had laid a claim on her, wanted to lay a claim on her, made her heart rejoice. Could this stupid man not see that she wanted to be his? Running a finger over the bruised skin, she enjoyed the slight pain. She’d feel, see this for many days to come, long after he’d been gone. Good! She wanted the reminder.

Getting into her clothes, she gave herself a last long look, nearly laughing out loud. There was a look of determination on her face that hadn’t been there only five minutes ago. She wouldn’t let Bill Adama hurt her, wouldn’t pine for a man. Not if she could do something against it. She wouldn’t have come as far in her profession as she had if she didn’t know how to reach her goal. Maybe it was time for Bill to learn who he had truly become entangled with.

Entering her living room, she found him sitting on her couch, a book open on his lap. He wasn’t reading, had his eyes closed. They opened when he heard her approach.

“I read the last chapter,” he said, his smile a bit sad.

Searider Falcon, she realised belatedly, he’d finished the book he’d always refused to finish because he didn’t want to know how it ended.

She sat down on the armchair opposite him so she could face him.

“Why now?” she asked.

He took his time to answer, looked at some point in the distance. She was about to prompt him again, but then he finally looked at her again.

“I realised that everything has to end, no matter how much we want to ignore it. It’s the nature of life.”

It was his way of telling her, he wouldn’t come back. Well, he might think whatever he wanted to, thoughts were free, but it didn’t mean she’d let him.

“Yes, it is. But shouldn’t we try to make some things last, give them the chance to maybe morph into something different, better, something long-lasting?”

A wry smile played around his lips. “So I shouldn’t have finished the book.”

“Oh, you definitely should have. I was talking about things more general.”

She hadn’t been, had talked about them, they both knew it. But so had he.

“How did you like it? The ending?” she asked.

“It’s sad,” he said. “He’s lost everything. With losing her, he’s lost his future. He won’t recover from this blow. And she… I never understood why she simply gave up, didn’t keep fighting.”

“She wanted to live before she died. Sometimes, you rather want to enjoy what you have to its fullest, even if it is only for a few days, instead of living the rest of your days in misery, feeling your strength leaving you a bit more day by day. By choosing death, she chose life, at least for a while. And he… isn’t it better to have loved and lost instead of never experiencing the depth of emotions they shared.”

He weighed her words. “There’s no good answer, no right answer to this one, is there?”

She agreed. “Yes, it all comes down to choices, doesn’t it? One has to choose whether to fight or not, whether to take a chance or not.”

“What would you do?” he asked.

“Fight. My first impulse is always to fight. Although, beyond a certain point… I don’t know. But my first impulse would always be to fight for what I have. What about you?”

“That’s the question, isn’t it?”

Yes, it was. They were silent for a while until Laura chose to give him the nudge he seemed to need. She didn’t come around to address the state of their relationship as his cell phone began to ring.

“I’m sorry,” he said, reaching for the small device.

Typical life. It had a tendency to have the worst timing. From what she gathered, it was Bill’s friend Saul, and they were talking about when and where to meet.

Coming to a decision, Laura got up from the armchair, strode over to her kitchen where she reached for paper and pen. She couldn’t predict his answer, but as Bill had told her once, sometimes, you just had to roll the hard six.

“Gods damnit, Bill. Will you stop sulking already?”

Turning to Saul, he didn’t bother with an answer, simply raised an eyebrow.
“Come on. Since we left Caprica, you’re brooding. It doesn’t help. You won’t see your girl for the next three months. What about happened to absence making the heart grow fonder and all that crap?”

That was the crux of the matter, wasn’t it? He wouldn’t only have to wait three months before seeing Laura again, he wouldn’t see her at all.

For once, he’d managed to bite his tongue, hadn’t asked her to see him again, to write or call him. It wouldn’t have been fair to her. Hades, he hadn’t even let her accompany him to the spaceport knowing he wouldn’t have been able to control his reactions then. She’d been hurt, he had seen it in her eyes, but then she had shrugged, nodded. He’d embraced her then, kissed her softly. His hold on her had been light, he’d barely touched her, afraid he wouldn’t be able to let go, while she clutched to him. In contrast to him, she didn’t have problems conveying what she wanted. Her body as well as her eyes, her lips brushing against his cheek again and again told him clearly what she wanted. But he couldn’t, just couldn’t do it to her. He wasn’t that much of an egoist that he’d let himself hurt her.

So when he’d whispered a goodbye against her lips, and she didn’t protest, he’d known it was over. It had to be. He couldn’t have fathomed how much a single gesture, to hand her back the key she’d given him, could hurt. Hurt them both.

Each step had been hard to take as everything inside him screamed to go back to her, to stay, or at least, to make sure he’d see her again. He’d been strong, had walked away, and it had torn his heart apart.

“I won’t get to see her again at all.”

“Pardon me? Bill Adama, don’t tell me you’re that much of an idiot.”

“It doesn’t matter, Saul. It’s over. And I’d be thankful if you simply let it be.”

“Damn, Bill, you love that woman.”

Somehow, he wasn’t surprised Saul knew of the depth of the feelings he had for Laura. He was his best friend, knew him like his own brother would know him. If things were reversed, Bill would know it, too. Not that it mattered. It wasn’t any of Saul’s business, and he wouldn’t let him make it his.

Closing his eyes, he shut him out, knew it would effectively end the discussion. At least thoughts were free, and he let his travel back to Laura, remembered the time they had spent together. Ironically, it wasn’t all the times they’d spent in bed coming to his mind, but the second morning they had breakfast together.

Laura had been reading, and he’d thought how sexy she looked with her glasses, giving him all kinds of thoughts of seeing her in nothing but her glasses. It had been as if she’d sensed his thoughts, and looking up briefly, she had given him a smile before reaching for his hand, going back to reading afterwards. It was a moment that had warmed his old heart the same time it had sent a spark of excitement down his spine. There wasn’t a woman quite like Laura.

The flight, albeit a long one, passed quicker than Bill had expected due to the fact he’d fallen asleep. The nights of too many action and too little sleep had finally taken their toll. Setting foot onto his ship, he couldn’t help his mixed feelings. It was good to be back, he liked his job, was good at it. Still, he was missing a vital part of him, one he had left on Caprica. Even if his job gave him satisfaction, his life couldn’t centre around it, would definitely not centre around it once he had retired in a few years.

Parting from Saul along the way, he made his way to his cabin, returning the greetings from several crew members. For a moment, he stopped in front of his hatch, unwilling to walk into what he always thought was his living space. It was foolish, and chiding himself, he stepped in, closing the hatch behind him. It was something he usually didn’t do, but tonight, he didn’t want to see or talk to anyone.

His cabin was quiet. There weren’t any sounds apart of the usual background noise, the humming of the machines. Toeing off his shoes, a habit he’d picked up from Laura and putting them to the side, he wondered how Laura would like this space. Would she feel comfortable in such a surrounding?

His apartment on Caprica didn’t give away a hint of his personality, this space did. He had chosen the furniture, the art. It was the place he spent most of the year in. He had created it so he’d find rest, calm in the hours he was off-duty.

Feeling torn between lying down, maybe reading and sorting out his stuff, the impulse to do the latter won. It was a habit he couldn’t shake after over two decades with the Fleet. Orderliness was ingrained into his very being. It had annoyed Carolanne, although Laura didn’t seem to have minded.

Laura, his thoughts always went back to Laura.

Sighing, he put his duffel bag onto his rack before sorting things into the closet. When he took out a pair of uniform pants, he was surprised to find a piece of paper lying underneath them. He knew it wasn’t his.

Putting the pants away, he picked up the folded paper, wondering if he imagined Laura’s scent.

If wishes were horses… Still, he found himself unable to unfold the paper for the longest time. If he knew he hadn’t packed this and it hadn’t been in his bag yesterday evening, it could only mean that Laura put it there, couldn’t it? He wanted it to be from her. If it was, would it simply be a last goodbye or something else entirely?

Chiding himself for being a coward, he decided to take a look.

He recognised Laura’s handwriting at once. It was a short note. His heart began thudding in his chest.

“Dear Bill,

Let’s be frank here. I know you think you’re not the right man for me, but I disagree. We’re both not perfect people, but I think we fit, don’t you? You make me feel things I haven’t felt in a long time. You gave me hope, made me happy. To me, it’s simple.
I am falling in love with you. I want you.
Don’t let things end like this.
I want to see you again, want to spend more time with you.
Let’s give this – give us – a try.
I’ll give you my address and numbers here. Please write me, call me. Please?
I already miss you even if you’re still with me right in the next room.


He read the note twice before taking a deep, shuddering breath. Tears began to form in his eyes, and he did nothing to stop them. Even suspecting – or was it knowing? – of her emotions couldn’t equal the feelings he had seeing it all written down. She wanted him. It was simple as that.

He still believed in his reasons for walking away, but he knew he’d be unable to resist her pull now, not when she’d given him her trust, her heart, so openly. Sitting down on his bunk, he read the note again. This wonderful, beautiful woman was falling in love with him. He loved her, too. With everything he was.

She’d wait for him if he only breathed a word. If he opened up to her now, he’d have something, someone to come home to. A future. He had been blind, so blind. What kind of idiot would let a woman slip away like that? Saul had been right. Without conscious decision, he reached behind him, took hold of his wireless before asking the CIC to connect him to Caprica on a secured line.

As the ship operated on Caprica time, he knew it was late, way after midnight, but he couldn’t wait. He had to hear Laura’s voice now, tell her that...


Her voice sounded tired, and he could imagine her way too well, sprawled out in bed, her eyes barely open.

“Hey,” he said, his voice soft.


Hope, there was more than just a hint of hope in her voice. It made him curse himself for putting her emotions through a wringer in the first place.


“It’s good to hear you. Are you okay? Any reason you called?”

Of course, she’d try to err on the side of caution.

“I love you.”

It wasn’t what he’d intended to say, how he’d wanted to start the conversation, but the words couldn’t be contained any longer. He’d bitten his lips for too long. If nothing else, she deserved to know the truth. How could he give her any less after she’d made the first step?

A soft laugh was his answer. “I see you found my note.”

“I did. Laura, I… I’d love to see you again.”

She sighed. “I thought I’d never hear you say that.”

He chuckled. “I deserve that now, don’t I?”

“Yes, Bill. You do. Damn you. Was it so hard to ask me for my number?”

“I only wanted your best.”

“I know. But believe me, if I wanted to frak a polished politician, I would. I might not have planned to fall in love with a member of the Fleet, but now that it happened, I won’t try to pretend it didn’t happen.”

Love. What a fragile feeling. He’d fight for it, fight to keep it alive.

“I miss you.”

“Miss you, too, Bill. I…,” she laughed. “I wanted to change the sheets today but didn’t. I can still smell you in here. It’s comforting.”

He smiled, knew what she meant.

“That’s good. I wished I had something of you here.”

Why was it so much easier to confide in her through the wireless? Or wasn’t it, and he just had needed a kick to finally see sense and open up fully to her?

He only knew that it was a relief not having to hold back any longer.

“You do.”

“Do I?”

“Yes, I slipped one of my shirts in there. It’s on the bottom of your bag. I figured if the note alone wouldn’t do the trick, maybe another hint would.”

“And if not?”

She made a sound in the back of her throat. “I guess I’d have nursed a broken heart for quite some time.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be. Nothing happened. You called me.” Her voice softened. “Thank you.”

“Not for that, Laura. Never for that. If I hadn’t acted like… as Saul would say, like a jerk, you wouldn’t have…”

“Let’s forget it, Bill. You’ll come back here, won’t you? Back home?”

The question behind her last words was unmistakable, and hope and joy surged through him.

“Home. Yeah.” Staring at his rack, he chuckled. “I miss our bed.”

Was it too candid? Too much, too soon? He might have his own apartment, but he wouldn’t go back there. Not by choice. He’d have to go and fetch some clothes, his model ship, but the home his heart accepted was a different one now, was with Laura.

“Our bed misses you, too,” she said, and he heard the rustling of fabric in the background, indicating she had shifted.

“And its occupant misses you, too. I’m cold. My personal furnace is missing.”

“I’d warm you if I could.” He’d give everything to do just that at the moment.

She sighed. “I know. I think I should simply get dressed.”

“You aren’t?” His voice had involuntarily dropped a register at the thought of her lying naked in bed.

“Uh uh. I wanted to… wanted to remember. Wanted to surround my naked skin with the scent of you.” She was teasing him, and she knew it. “You think that’s ridiculous?”

No way. And she knew what the image of her naked body did to him. Even after the many times they’d made love during their week together, he didn’t have enough of her. The sound of her voice, the image of her curvaceous body was enough to make him hard. Without meaning to, he reached for his hardened cock, squeezed it through the fabric of his pants.

“I think that must look sexy. You are sexy.”

She laughed. “You really think so?”


“So you’ll come back to me? Take me to bed? Take me?” She took a shuddering breath. “I miss your hands on my body, your lips. Gods, I miss the feeling of you hard inside me, slowly rocking us toward a mind-blowing release.” A breathless laugh. “Listen what you reduced me to. I’m… needy.”

“Me too.”

This wouldn’t do. Reaching for the fasteners of his pants, he did a quick job of dragging them and his boxers down his legs. Reclining on his rack, he asked himself if he’d lost his mind. It had been ages since he’d given in to the notion of phone sex, but he’d thought he’d done quite a few things again since he had gotten to know Laura.

“I want you so badly, Laura. Want to kiss you until you make this humming sound.”

She did it just then, and his fist closed tighter around his cock.

“I want to kiss my way all along your body. I… I love to caress your breasts. I could touch them for hours. I love sucking at your nipples, to feel how they become taut under my ministrations. Touch them, Laura. Touch them as if it was me touching them.”

Reckless. He was reckless, but so be it.

She moaned out, and he could picture her, how her slender hands danced over her breasts, finally rolling her nipples between her thumbs and forefingers.

“This would feel so much better if it were you. Gods, Bill…” She moaned again. “Are you touching yourself, too?”

“Yeah, I need you so much. Want you so much.”

“If I were with you now, I’d kiss my way down your body, take your hard length into my mouth. I love the way you taste. Like to lick you. Like to suck you.”

It wasn’t just her words, her voice, it was the knowledge of how what she described here would feel. Letting his eyes fall shut, he allowed his mind to wander, to imagine it wasn’t his hand stroking him toward oblivion but her mouth taking him in, again and again. His thighs tingled where he imagined Laura’s hands to be, her nails scorching his skin.

“You know what I’d like right now?” he rasped.

“No, tell me.”

“I’d like to eat you out while you suck me.”

The thought alone was nearly enough to make him burst. He loved the taste of her, to lick along her labia, to savour her taste, dip his tongue as deeply into her as possible. Once he’d be back on Caprica, they had to do it, to taste while they were tasted. What wouldn’t he give to have her body towering over his right now, her soft heat, her scent driving him crazy.

“I’d like that.” Her breathing sounded harsh over the receiver. “Bill, I need you.”

“Touch yourself, Laura. I want you to slip two fingers inside yourself while the heel of your hand presses against your clit. I want to hear you scream. Please.”

He knew how she looked when he did just that, and even if it wouldn’t be the same, couldn’t, he wanted her to let go. Once he set foot on Caprica again, he’d drag her to bed, and they wouldn’t get out for at least a day, but for now, he let his voice do what his body couldn’t.

Never ceasing to stroke himself, he talked her through it, told her when to touch herself, where and how. It was almost as seeing a movie play in front of his inner eye, and Laura’s moans and whimpers increasing in volume were the sweetest music to his ears.

“Bill, tell me you’re close, please. Damn, I want to touch you. I really want to touch you.”

Yes, he was close, his strokes became more urgent, he knew she’d be able to hear his ragged breathing.

“Yeah. I’m close.” He couldn’t wait any longer. “Circle your clit, Laura. Make yourself come. Now.”

“Gods, yes. It feels so good. I’m so wet for you. I wished you could be with me now. I…,” she trailed off, a soft cry piercing his ears.

It was so easy to picture, to see her face contorting in pleasure, her body shuddering through wave after wave of orgasmic relief. She whimpered his name, and it was all he needed to hear. Tendrils of pleasure shot through his body while he gave in to his need for release, hearing Laura’s heavy breathing at the other end of the line was all that still connected him to reality.

It took him some moments to come back to himself. Ignoring the mess he created for himself, he leaned back on his rack.

“Hey, you okay?” he murmured.

She laughed. “Yeah, I’m fine. I’m not even cold any longer.”

“You should probably get dressed before you cool down, though.”

“Or we could simply repeat what we just did.”

Laura, his Laura, was quite a tease if she wanted to be.

“You know I’d need more time.”

“Really? Pity.” She became serious. “I’m glad you’re willing to give us a chance.”

“How could I not? I didn’t think I’d ever love again. I… I can’t wait to see you.”

“Same here.” She sighed softly. “I’ll wait for you, Bill, for however long it takes.”

“I can’t change who I am.”

“I don’t want you to. Will you write me?”

“Write you. Call you. Whenever I can.” He chuckled. “You know, maybe I’ve been wrong.”

“Wrong with what?”

“My dislike for endings. Sometimes, it seems, an ending is just a beginning.”

“Yes. For us, it will be.” She yawned. “Sorry, I’m kinda sleepy now.”

“Then rest, Laura. I’ll be in touch.”

She giggled. “I hope so.”

“Love you, Laura.”

“Me too, Bill.”

She hung up.

Putting the handset back on its cradle, a grin broke free on his face. What had seemed to be one of his worst days in a long time had turned out to be one of the best.

He loved, was loved in return.

He had Laura. Laura Roslin.

Getting up and moving towards his head, he began to sing a tune. Tomorrow, he’d write Laura a letter. Tomorrow, one day nearer to seeing Laura again. A lovesick fool, indeed.

- FIN -
Pipfireflies_uk on March 1st, 2011 07:31 pm (UTC)
Awwww!!! I was getting worried there for a minute....but I knew you wouldn't leave us with a sad ending!! :-D

We need the reunion now! ;-p
Sira's Journal: bsg - laura faithsira01 on March 2nd, 2011 11:33 am (UTC)
No sad endings. Can you imagine investing that much time in reading or writing a story and then the ending breaks your heart? Sure, the best stories are written this way, but I'm too much of a softie to do it!
Thank you sooo much for reading and commenting, hon. It meant a lot to me.
our little life is rounded with a sleep: A/R because I can't live without herdefyingnormalcy on March 1st, 2011 07:48 pm (UTC)

I am so relieved that they FINALLY told each other how they felt. This was so lovely, thank you hon. <3
Sira's Journal: bsg - cute_laurasira01 on March 2nd, 2011 11:35 am (UTC)
YES! As promised. :D
Thank you so much for the wonderful feedback you always gave me, hon. *huggles*
swtlilsophieswtlilsophie on March 1st, 2011 07:55 pm (UTC)
Oh you had me worried for a minute! :)

This was so completely wonderful! Thank you thank you!
Sira's Journal: mary - glasses b/wsira01 on March 2nd, 2011 11:34 am (UTC)
Thank you so much! I'm glad to hear you enjoyed the story. :))
expressio_uniusexpressio_unius on March 5th, 2011 02:03 am (UTC)
I NEED MORE TIME IN THE DAY TO BE ABLE TO READ THIS WHOLE SERIES!!!! I am enjoying the anticipation, though!
Sira's Journalsira01 on March 5th, 2011 09:29 am (UTC)
Awwwwwwwwww... *huggles* I so know what you mean. *huggles*
I hope you're going to have a wonderful, relaxed weekend though.
expressio_uniusexpressio_unius on March 14th, 2011 12:55 am (UTC)
Aaaaww, that was such a sweet ending. I loved it! I'm glad they found some happiness together!
Sira's Journalsira01 on March 14th, 2011 12:40 pm (UTC)
Thank you, dear! :D
Glad you liked it. :D
How are you?

And yes, I'll finally answer your email as soon as I found the photo I wanted to attach. *headdesk* Crazy times are crazy.
expressio_uniusexpressio_unius on March 14th, 2011 06:21 pm (UTC)
I'm great! Work is happy. Family is fab. Social life is full. Romantic life is happy. Life couldn't be better! How about you?!

Just whenever you find it. ;-)
mellow_melmellow_mel on March 20th, 2012 01:24 am (UTC)
Just read this series over on SI...

Absolutely LovE IT!

I'm addicted to Super long fics!
Sira's Journalsira01 on March 21st, 2012 07:36 pm (UTC)
Thank you so very much! :D
Super long fics are my favourite kind of fic, too! :)