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28 February 2011 @ 07:33 pm
Once More With Feeling - Laura/Bill - AU - 14/15  
Title:  Once More With Feeling
Author: sira01 
Pairing:  Adama/Roslin
Rating: overall story MA, this chapter MA
Summary: Sometimes running into a stranger can turn your whole life upside down.
A/N: This chapter is the continuation of yesterday's storyline. As I just found out, it's pure smut. So if the concept of anal sex is not your cup of tea, do NOT read this chapter. You won't miss a thing, I promise.

Chapter 14

He was shaken. Outwardly calm, his emotions were in turmoil. He hadn’t meant to tell her about his past, hadn’t meant to tell her he was falling in love with her, and he bloody well hadn’t intend to let her frak him. Part of him was scared while a bigger one was curious, even wanted it on some level. He trusted Laura to treat him right, to be careful. It was his own possible reactions that scared him. What if he didn’t like it? What if he liked it too much? The last time, he’d been drunk; this time, he was completely sober.

Then there was the promise of a reward, a thought that nearly made him smile. It had been over a decade since he had the chance to take a woman this way, and back then, it had been just a frak, just a woman who wanted to be taken and taken hard. It had had nothing to do with him or her, their emotions hadn’t mattered. With Laura, it would matter. It would be more than just a simple frak. With her, it always was.

Her eyes rested on him all the time while he stripped for her, and he wondered what she might be thinking. There was a slight smile of her face, an expression of deep contentment.

It hit him like a ton of bricks. He was making her happy, he truly was. It wasn’t just the circumstances being right, it was him being right for her. If he wasn’t careful, more words would slip past his lips.

When he was completely naked, he sat down on the edge of the bed.

“You’re overdressed.”

“You don’t like the nightie.”

“Love it, but I love your naked skin even more.”

She got up, and in one fluid motion, she pulled the nightie over her head, revealing the curvaceous goddess underneath.

“Are you sure you…” she asked, and he nodded. He might never be completely sure, but he wouldn’t change his mind either.

He watched how she walked toward her closet, reached for something in one of the drawers. A few moments later, she was back with her vibrator, a condom and a bottle of lube.

“Green?” he asked, referring to the toy’s colour.

She hummed. “I like green.”

Kneeling down in front of him, she pulled his head down to her, the kiss she bestowed upon him one of tender love. It soothed his frazzled nerves.

They kissed for what seemed a long time before she got up, told him to get comfortable. He held her gaze, hoped she saw the trust he felt before he turned and laid down on his stomach, his head resting on the arms he’d crossed in front of him. This all made him feel vulnerable, made him want to reconsider, but then Laura straddled his legs, her hands reaching for his shoulders, beginning a massage. He hadn’t even known he was that tense. A thankful groan escaped his lips.

She took her time, warmed his muscles, untied knots. For such a slender woman, she possessed a lot of strength. Slowly but surely, he became putty in her hands, so when she stopped her ministrations, began to shower his back with kisses, he felt relaxed, good. He hadn’t forgotten what was to come next, what Laura had asked of him. Part of him was still doubting himself, this plan, but he felt too good to worry.

Reaching his backside, Laura stopped, placed a kiss on both of his ass cheeks. It tickled, and he let out a grunt.

“Sorry, but your ass is adorable.”

Snorting, he turned his head to look at her.

“You’re the first woman calling my ass adorable.”

She laughed out, merriment dancing in her eyes.

“It’s not my fault it is. Although, what would you prefer? Sexy, edible, biteable…”

“Don’t you dare.”

“Biting you?”


He should’ve known she wouldn’t be able to resist this banter; if this woman was one thing, it was contrary. Bending over him, she closed her teeth around his flesh tugged none too gently. Trying not to wince, he couldn’t oppress the tiny hiss escaping him.

She laughed, but let go of him. He wanted to chide her, but fell silent when one of her fingers ran along the creak between his buttocks. It stopped at his anal opening, lightly circling it once, then twice before moving on. Only when he let out a deep breath, he realised he’d been holding it.

“Relax, Bill. We can stop any time.”

But he didn’t want to stop.

“No, it’s… alright.”

She brushed her lips against the skin of his back, and a wave of love surged up in him. Never before had any woman shown him such tenderness. It was something he’d never be able to repay her. Her hands let go of him, and she sat up behind him. He knew what she was about to do, wanted and feared it at the same time. Hearing the bottle of lube clicking open, he closed his eyes, willed his body to relax.

“Bill?” Laura asked.


“Could you turn around? I’d… I’d like to see you.”

He couldn’t deny her, and rolling onto his back, he propped up his legs, spread them for her. A shiver ran down his back. He’d never felt more vulnerable.

“Open your eyes, please.”

Her voice, so soft, was like a siren’s call, and doing as she asked, he found her watching him with a gentle smile on her face. Holding his gaze, she reached between them once more, her finger, now slick with lube, teasing his opening once more. He’d lie if he said it didn’t feel good, and his discomfort disappeared bit by bit, each gentle caress of her stoking his want. Through it all, they didn’t lose eye contact once. He wanted her to see what she did to him, that his trust in her, in this moment, was absolute.

Letting go of him, she looked away, reached for the lube once more, dripping more onto her finger.

“Is it alright if I…?”


He knew what was to come, knew he had to relax, shouldn’t tense up.

Letting her fingers circling his opening one more time, she slowly pushed inward, sliding it in up to her first joint. Pushing against the intruder, his body didn’t offer any resistance, accepting the penetration without a problem.

It even felt good, faint desire beginning to rouse. He’d never stopped wanting her, had never stopped being hard for her, but these new feelings were directly connected to what Laura was doing, to what he wanted more of, now. He couldn’t quite belief himself.

She didn’t move her finger for several seconds before she pulled it out nearly all the way. He didn’t want it, didn’t want the sensation to end, and he almost moaned out in relief when she pushed back in, deeper this time. Repeating the process several times, she’d finally worked her whole finger into him.

“Is that still okay?”

“It is.”

This was different than it had been with his friend. That he experienced it with Laura made all the difference in the worlds. He was emotionally connected to the woman he was with, and it gave their dealings with each other a depth that was missing the first time he’d trusted someone else with his body like that. At least, it had been missing on his side, something he couldn’t change now and wouldn’t have been able to change back then.

Again, Laura reached for the lube, and coating a second finger, she penetrated him slowly with two of her slender digits. It was a slow, delicious stretching, and his arousal was heightened by the way the pressure against his prostrate built. When she began to frak him with long, sure strokes, he had to will his eyes to remain open, but what he couldn’t stop were his hips that picked up a counter rhythm to Laura’s strokes.

She liked it. Yes, it was easy to see she did. A slight flush coloured her usually pale skin, and her breathing had become more rapid. It might’ve been seconds or minutes, he had lost all sense of time when she added a third finger, the friction delicious.

The moment she pulled completely out, he couldn’t stop his disappointed moan which had her giggling out.

“Ready, soldier?” Her voice had become deeper, its breathy quality making him want to kiss her senseless.

“As ready as I’ll ever be.”

Taking the vibrator, she took her time putting on the condom, slickening it up.

“Thank you for allowing me to do this,” she said, carefully positioning the toy at his anal sphincter.

“Do it,” he ordered, wanting it and fearing he could still might lose his nerve.

Nodding slightly, Laura pushed, and despite his intentions, his eyes closed on their own volition, a loud moan escaping him. He couldn’t remember ever having felt that full. The years since the first time he’d done that had dimmed his memory. This was something new, something… incredible. The toy slid in bit by bit, and when Laura stopped, he was shuddering from the need to move.

Looking at Laura, her eyes glistened with emotions unnamed.

“Me too, Bill.”

It was then she turned on the vibrator, the pleasure he’d felt until that moment instantly heightening. He tightened around the toy, moaning out loudly when Laura pulled it out only to slide it in again.

Good, it was good, his hips instantly moving to the rhythm Laura set. Sharp pleasure had him hard, rock hard, the need to do something, anything to ease the need almost overwhelming him. Never before in his life had he’d been so vulnerable, never before had it felt so right to give in, to submit to somebody.

Reaching for his cock, he found his hand batted away by Laura, Laura who stilled the toy inside him to lean over him, kissing him gently. Biting his bottom lip, she moved on, kissed her way down his torso, suckling at both of his flat nipples on her way down. He felt like his nerve endings were on fire, and by the time she’d reached his hard flesh, he felt like crawling out of his skin, primal need about to consume him. Engulfing his erection in the wet heat of her mouth, she resumed pleasuring him with the vibrator, her rhythm slowly picking up.

He had no idea why this felt so right, so good; it wasn’t something he would have thought of or chosen on his own, but he was glad Laura had asked him to share this with him. If she knew it or not, she was just leaving another imprint on his soul, another mark, one that wouldn’t vanish or dim with time. Laura Roslin had branded him as hers even when she didn’t know it.

Licking around the head of his cock, taking him in deeply, she brought him nearer and nearer to the edge of oblivion, his whole body becoming taut in expectation of finding release.

Then, she let go of him, the sudden loss of contact having him focus on her.

“I want to be able to see you,” she confessed.

He couldn’t deny her, never.

“Faster, Laura. More,” he said, allowing the last barriers between them to fall away. This was him, stripped completely bare – physical and emotionally – in front of her. Right now, he was utterly helpless, had to rely on her to take care of him, to provide what he needed.

“Yes. I want to see you come.”

Faster and faster she let the vibrator surge into him, the pleasure building in the most exquisite way. At the same time, she reached for his cock, stroking him in a hard rhythm that had him gasping for breath. He wouldn’t be able to hold back much longer, the unusual fullness of his anus, combined with her small, soft hand pumping him had him spiral out of control.

“I’m coming. I can’t… I…”

“Shssh,” she comforted him. “I want to see you. Let me see, Bill. Please.”

His orgasm hit him nearly instantly, tearing through him with a strength that had him tremble helplessly while his eyes fell shut and colours exploded behind his closed eyelids.

Beautiful. Bill Adama coming was one of the most beautiful things she’d ever seen. The moment imminent to his release, his eyes fell shut before his whole frame became taut, a groan forming on his lips. His release followed a moment later, wetting her hand, the sheets, his belly. He didn’t seem to notice, to mind, and neither did she. No man had ever trusted her enough to let completely go in her presence. Bill did, and she’d honour his trust. Keeping on stroking him, she only stopped once he was completely spent. Then, she stopped the toy, slowly pulling it out of him. Putting it to the side, she crawled up the bed until she could lie beside Bill.

He opened his eyes, watched her with an expression of naked vulnerability on his face which tore right through her. Holding out her arms, she accepted him into her embrace, tangled her limbs with his, ignoring the mess they made out of themselves.

She held him tight, shushed him, murmured words of loving nonsense in his ear. In these moments, she was his lover as well as his nurturer, giving him the emotional feedback he needed after baring himself so completely to her.

For a while, he simply let her, then he began to shower her face with kisses, moved on to her neckline, her collarbones, her chest. Suckling at a nipple, he had her gasp.

Stopping, he looked up at her.

“Thank you, Laura.”

“No, Bill. Thank you.”

They looked at each other for a long moment.

Bill broke eye contact first, sat up in bed.

“How about we two get cleaned up a bit?”

A good suggestion. Taking the toy with her, she followed him into the bathroom where she first cleaned the vibrator and then let herself be cleaned by Bill in the shower.

A part of her had expected him to turn his touches into caresses, to give her body the release it so badly craved, although that was selfish thinking. She understood that he had to unwind, couldn’t focus on anyone else at the moment. Her need could wait, would vanish by itself given some time.

When they stepped out of the shower, he reached for a towel, began to rub her dry, surprising her by leaning in.

“I haven’t forgotten, but I want to take you to bed. I want to drive you as crazy as you’ve driven me before I’ll make love to you.”

“But…?” She didn’t know how to phrase it delicately.

“You’re right. Usually, I wouldn’t be able to, not that soon, but the thought that you’ll let me…” One of his hands trailed along her back, stopping when it reached her buttocks, sliding between them with a soft stroke. She couldn’t suppress the slight tremble, didn’t want to.

“Did you enjoy doing this before?” Bill asked.

“It was… nice, really nice sometimes, but I think it’ll be different with you.”


“Yes.” She didn’t want to hide from him, didn’t want to pretend it was a casual thing for her, that it was just about the physical release. It wasn’t. She wanted it for the sensations it could bring, but more than anything, she wanted it because it would be with him. This man made her crave an emotional connection more than any man before him. She hadn’t wanted to let him come this close. It had happened without her having any influence on it, he’d taken root in her heart before she’d noticed it. To cut him out would make her bleed, and she wondered if the ability to love, to give in would be lost if she gave up on what she had with him. It would hurt her just as deeply if he decided this wasn’t what he wanted, that he couldn’t give her what she needed, but at least, she’d know she had tried, had given as much as she had in her to give.

She still owed him an answer, and she looked him in the eye.

“I feel more for you than I had felt for the others. With you…,” she reached out, placed a hand over his heart. “I can let myself fall, completely fall. I trust you with this, with my body, with my pleasure. With you, I can let go.”

She watched the muscles in his jaw clench and unclench, a sign he was moved by deep emotions. When had she become so adept in reading his reactions? She only knew she understood him, knew how he felt without words. It was something she couldn’t remember ever sharing with another man.

“Yeah, you can,” he finally answered. “You make me wish…,” he trailed off, breaking eye contact.

“Make you wish what?”



Whatever it was, he didn’t want to tell her, but she knew, somehow she knew, she needed to hear it.


He sighed. Looking at her, he gave her one of his tender, crooked smile, one of those that never failed to cause a flutter in the pit of her stomach.

“You make me wish I was a better man.”

The urge to hold him was as strong as the urge to slap him.

“You’re perfect for me; and no, I don’t accept any argument.”

Not giving him time to protest, she kissed him, hard, stealing the very breath from his lungs, hopefully along with his self-destructive thoughts. Letting go of him to draw in a breath, she trailed her hand down his body, stroking his half-erect cock.

“I want to feel you, Bill. Now.”

His eyes darkened, and his flesh hardened further. Releasing him, she turned, led him back into her bedroom where she sat down on the edge of the bed, crossed her legs.

“How do you want me? On my back, my front, on all fours.”

The way he took a ragged breath sent a shiver of anticipation down her back.

“I want you on your back. For now.”

Like she had, he wanted to be able to see her when he caressed her, touched her, to study the reactions he caused. He’d honour the trust she showed in him, would do his best to maximise the sensation for her, to cause only pleasure, as much pleasure as she’d be able to take.

The smile she gave him was small, beautiful, and the grace with which she moved onto the bed, positioned herself was breathtaking. Laura Roslin was an elegant woman to her very core. She came to rest with her head on a pillow, her hair spilling out under her, a fiery mass he longed to sink his fingers into. Her arms were thrown over her head, directing his gaze once more to her supple breasts.

As he got onto the bed, her smile morphed into a wicked grin. Propping up her legs, she slowly spread them, and although he’d thought himself more composed, he simply had to look. He loved her body, every inch of it, her womanhood just another part of her beauty, her perfection. No, Laura Roslin wasn’t a perfect woman, but she seemed to be perfect for him, their broken pieces fitting together.

Scooting closer, so he came to sit between her spread legs, his gaze was still drawn to her sex. Reaching out, he trailed a finger over her soft mound, smiling at the sharp intake of breath from Laura.

How could skin be so soft? He’d never get enough of touching her, never. Trailing lower, he followed the contours of her labia with only the barest brush of his fingertips. How could skin be so tender, so exquisite?

Laura’s breathing had sped up. Dipping his finger between her soft folds, he found her wet, not as wet as she’d be pretty soon, but she was definitely aroused. To see her glistening, the scent of her arousal permeating his senses, he couldn’t help the urge which told him to taste her, to dip his tongue between her soft lips, feast on her.

“Damn, Laura. You’re breathtaking”

Finding a comfortable position on the bed, he hooked her legs over his shoulders before leaning in.

Before long, Laura was writhing on the bed, her hips moving against his tongue, his fingers. She had her eyes closed, her hands gripping her headboard, holding on, the knuckles of her hands white.

Her moans, her whimpers were music to his ears, so he took his time, sliding his tongue into her wet heat, nibbled at her labia, his fingers caressing her from the inside. He did everything but touch the one point she wanted him to touch. While wanting her to come, he wanted to prolong the experience for himself, egoistically took what he needed.

A fine sheen of perspiration appeared on her skin, her moans becoming loud, begging.

He was an egoist, but he wasn’t cruel, so after a long time, he brushed his tongue over her bundle of nerves, feeling her shudder almost violently.

“Yes. Please. More, Bill.”

Stupid words wanted to spill out of him, but he stopped them, swallowed the vocalisation of his feelings for her. He wouldn’t ruin the experience with promises he couldn’t keep.

Slowly increasing the pressure of his tongue on her clit, he took in every sound she made, each time she voiced her pleasure warming his heart.

Way too soon, she had reached the edge, pleading for him to let her go over.

A few flicks of his tongue against her pleasure point, his fingers frakking her in a steady rhythm and she cried out loudly, shuddering. Only slowly tampering the strokes of his fingers, he looked up at her. Her eyes were open but unseeing, a few tears having escaped her eyes. Her mouth opened, trying to get enough oxygen into her body, and her chest was heaving.

When she slumped back on the bed, he crawled up, cradled her in his arms, his heart leaping in his chest as she rolled into his embrace, her limbs tangling with his instantly again. This woman truly wanted and trusted him. He held on tight, asked himself how his life would’ve turned out with a woman like Laura by his side. Their life wouldn’t have been easy either, but he thought they could’ve made it. Only now, years after his divorce, he knew that the basis between him and Carolanne had been missing. There hadn’t been enough trust between them. Sometimes, she had trusted him with her body, even more seldom with decisions about their life, but in the end, even this fragile bond had been shattered.

“Thank you,” Laura mumbled, and she nuzzled his neck.

If he could, he’d pack her, take her back to Galactica with him. He didn’t want to be without her again. When he left tomorrow, he’d leave a piece of himself behind.

“You’re welcome. I’m not done with you, though.”

He wasn’t. It shouldn’t be, but as he had predicted, he was hard for her once more, wanting what she had offered so freely. It wasn’t only the knowledge this might be the last chance he had to experience this special pleasure, it was because it would be with Laura. He knew that anal loving required patience and skill, and not all women would warm up to it. He’d make sure she’d enjoyed it, and more than that, he’d show her the beauty in the act. And wouldn’t it be a first for the both of them? The first time engaging in it with a partner you could really trust?

“I know. And I’m ready. I want this.”


Slowly sitting up, he urged her to roll onto her back again. When she did, he took a pillow, placed it under her bottom.

“You’re comfortable?” he asked, smiling at her when she nodded.

Once she had stilled, he made sure the bottle of lube was within reach before he dipped a finger between her folds once more, gathering some of her wetness, trailing lower and lower until he found the furled opening of her anus. He didn’t penetrate her directly, simply caressed her, trailed his finger around the opening, spreading her wetness.

Instead of tensing up, Laura arched into the touch, humming her contentment.

Part of him wondered if he’d wake up soon only to realise it had only been a dream, but another part of him knew this was real, that for once, things were as good, if not better, as they appeared to be.

Showering her inner thighs with light kisses, he reached for the lube, coated his finger with a generous amount before beginning to caress her again, this time, slipping the tip of his finger inside her. She didn’t resist, opened up to him. It hadn’t been a lie when she said she’d done it before, that she wanted it. Slowly, he pressed in deeper and deeper, carefully listening for any sign of discomfort. There weren’t any, and bending forward, he gently suckled at her clit which had her moan out.

Once he had his digit completely sheathed inside her, he set a slow rhythm, moving in and out, was delighted when Laura began moving in tune with him.

“Does it feel good?”

Good? Was he trying to kid her? It felt amazing, her body tingling wherever he touched it. Long since unused nerve endings flared to live, roused a desire deep inside the pit of her stomach. It had been so long since she’d allowed a man to take her this way; she’d nearly forgotten how it felt. Even so, she knew it had never quite been like this with anyone else. Those other men, she had allowed them to have her this way; with Bill, she wanted it, craved it. His finger inside her was good but soon not enough so she asked him for more. Maybe she was shameless in her desire, but she knew what she wanted, desired.

He suckled her clit again, faster this time, and if he kept it up, she’d fly apart once more. When a second finger, pressed inside her, she couldn’t contain a cry of pleasure. Her eyes flew open, and seeing Bill concentrating on being slow, on giving her only pleasure and never pain roused emotions deep inside of her. She bit her lip hard to keep herself from confessing things he wasn’t ready to hear, focussed on the intense pleasure of his movements inside her instead.

Taking his time, Bill frakked her slowly with his fingers, again and again, teasing her pleasure point. She couldn’t stand this much longer.

“Can you take one more?” Bill asked after a while, his teeth closing around the sensitive skin of her inner thigh, biting lightly.

“Yes, I can. Gods, Bill. Please.”

She felt full, knew her body would try to resist a third intruder, but if he gave her the time, and he would…

As he flicked his tongue against her clit in a hard, rapid rhythm, she tumbled into a surprise orgasm. Her back arched off the bed, her thighs trembled, and she hardly felt when Bill entered her anus with a third finger. Only when the sensation ebbed, she realised he had, and she giggled. Leave it to Bill Adama to distract her from such a crucial moment by giving her almost more pleasure than she could stand.

“What is it, Bill?” she asked, noticing the unusual brightness of his eyes. The fact he didn’t try to hold back his emotions when he was with her was just another facet she loved about them.

“You’re the sexiest, most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.”

She wanted to deny it, call him a lovesick fool, tell him to put on his glasses, but she didn’t. This was what he felt right about now, and she wouldn’t belittle him by not accepting his truth, no matter if she agreed or disagreed. Holding her gaze, he began to frak her with his fingers, his digits sliding in and out of her with slow, sure strokes. It sent shivers down her back, her desire, which had never quiet died, waking up once again. Bill’s free hand reached up, squeezing a nipple between thumb and forefinger. She moaned out as a nearly violent shiver of arousal overcame her.

“I need you. Now. Don’t make me wait, please.”

Squeezing her nipple once more, he let go of her, pulled out his fingers. It made her feel bereft almost instantly.


“Turn around, love.”

Her knees felt weak when she got up on the bed and turned her back to him. She had expected to feel his erection pressing against her, pressing inside her next, was surprised when it was her vibrator instead. Thanks to Bill’s ministrations of before and enough lube, the toy slid in rather easily, and her head fell forward at the feeling of being stretched. Her nerve endings tingled, her nipples tightened as her body processed the sensation. Only one thing could feel better than that – Bill’s cock inside her, now.

She wanted to tell him, ask him to give her what she wanted most, but then he switched on the toy, the vibrations slicing through her making her moan, her hips twitch.

“Gods,” she breathed out.

“Feels okay?”

She laughed out. “Better than okay.”

As Bill kept the vibrator immobile, and it wouldn’t do, she moved forward, letting the toy nearly slide out of herself before she pushed back, taking it all in. She repeated the motion again and again, sweat breaking on her body, the hums filling the air being her own. She hated Bill for doing nothing to help her along, loved him for giving her the time to take exactly what she needed and how she needed it.

Her body began to burn from the need for release, her clit ached to be touched. If she did, she would shatter. No, not like that. Not right frakking now. She stilled herself.

“I want you, Bill.”

She lifted her head, looked over the shoulder, saw how tense he held his body. He was as affected as she was.


Nodding, he turned off the toy, and she watched him reaching for the lube, applying a generous amount on his cock. To know she would finally feel him inside her soon had her clench in anticipation. She was unbelievable wet, hungry for Bill.

“If you want me to stop, I will. Anytime.”

He was a gentleman, a fact she loved about him. Right now, she wanted to make love, though, wanted to feel him hot and hard inside her. She didn’t look away when he rose up behind her, positioned himself at her entrance.

“Thank you,” he said while he slowly pushed inside.

There was short hint of pain, an uncomfortable feeling when her body stretched, trying to accept Bill inside her, but then the head of his erection was in. He paused, gave her the time to adjust to the feeling. Soon, her body had adapted to his presence, and reaching out for the headboard in front of her, she clenched around him.

Bill groaned, slid all the way in.

Their rhythm was slow at first, a gentle rocking motion, their bodies both getting used to the new feeling, but after only short a while, she wanted more, pushed back against him, her hips gyrating in a rhythm she couldn’t stop. After all the pleasure he’d given her tonight, she couldn’t believe she still wanted more, yet, he had driven her toward madness until her wish for release was first and foremost on her mind.

She couldn’t give this up, couldn’t give him up. No man had made her feel so good, so comfortable in her body before, no one had brought her to the edge of madness only to keep her safe so she wouldn’t cross it.

Bill was still holding back, she felt it in the way he controlled his movements. She didn’t want it, needed them to lose control together.

“Let go,” she said, grinding her hips against his groin, making him groan out.

“Laura, I…”

“Do it.”

Maybe it was because he was a military man, but her harsh command set something lose inside of him, and holding on to her hips, he thrust into her hard and fast until she thought she could see stars burst in front of her closed eyes. One of her hand sneaked between her legs, stroking her clit in a frantic rhythm. It was too much, and her orgasm washed over her right that second. Dimly, she realised Bill held out a few thrusts longer, but then he let out a loud groan, and she could feel him pulsing inside of her. She could barely hold on, barely keep herself upright. The moment Bill pulled out carefully, she turned on shaky legs, faced him.

Her arm reached out, pulled him down, and she curled into his side.

She wanted to talk to him, to thank him, maybe to clean up, but it had been too much. Her eyes heavy, her body more than sated, sleep claimed her.
Pipfireflies_uk on February 28th, 2011 07:01 pm (UTC)

Oh my...only 1 chapter left! It's now or never Laura and Bill! Declare your love!!
Sira's Journal: bsg - laura faithsira01 on March 1st, 2011 10:37 am (UTC)
I am soooo sure they'll get a happy end. *gg*
Thanks for reading and commenting. :)
Pipfireflies_uk on March 1st, 2011 10:41 am (UTC)
Please don't make us wait too long for that final chapter! (even though I'll be sad to see it end...)
Sira's Journalsira01 on March 1st, 2011 11:00 am (UTC)
It will be posted tonight. Promise.
Somehow I'll be sad to let go of this baby myself. *sigh*
Well, I want to write another BSG story this year, that should keep me happy. :)
Pipfireflies_uk on March 1st, 2011 11:12 am (UTC)

And yay to you writing another story! :-D
Sira's Journalsira01 on March 1st, 2011 07:13 pm (UTC)
It's done. *sniffles*

One might not notice it, but I am always writing. But it takes a lot of time to finish a story and then I seldom post the results. *lol* Stupid, I know.
the moon accepts your ridiculous proposal: writing pr0nmiabicicletta on February 28th, 2011 07:09 pm (UTC)
Goddamn you write the hottest stories. I hope you never, ever stop. As someone who tries very hard to write good smut, and is terribly self-conscious about doing so, I have so much admiration for you to write it so well. And so layered with emotion! But still! So ridiculously hot!

Damn. You are so awesome.
Sira's Journal: bsg - laura faithsira01 on March 1st, 2011 10:38 am (UTC)
Hon, I would cut off a foot or an arm if I could write a fraction as well as you do.
But yes, writing smut is... terrifying. It always scares the shit right out of me.
So thank you so so much for your kind words. They make me ridiculously happy. :D
our little life is rounded with a sleep: A/R ADFMS sexitimesdefyingnormalcy on March 1st, 2011 01:18 am (UTC)
Only you could write anal sex (something that I have never found appealing) and make it sexy as hell. Seriously, I am about to change my perception about it completely, lol.

Only one chapter left! *is sad* I wish that this could continue on forever <3
Sira's Journal: bsg - laura faithsira01 on March 1st, 2011 10:40 am (UTC)
WOW! Thank you so much for your kind words. *blushes and blushes some more*
Actually, I know what you mean. I, too, was all... HUH? Not that, but then I read a good fic... that actually made sense out of it.

Awwwwwwww... Thank you so much. *hugs* I am always sad to let completely go of one my story babies, and this time it won't be any different.
our little life is rounded with a sleep: A/R because I can't live without herdefyingnormalcy on March 1st, 2011 03:33 pm (UTC)
*cough* You could always write a sequel and therefore you won't have to say goodbye? *cough* :P

I really have loved this series, and I really love your writing (but that's not new) and I will be sad when this is over. :(

(So you should deff get cracking on another fic to prevent me from slipping into depression.....:P )
Sira's Journal: bsg - laura faithsira01 on March 1st, 2011 07:12 pm (UTC)
*giggles* I actually once started a sequel for my first veeery long story. But it stopped after the first chapter. Only good I never posted it.

Thank you so much, dear! Your words mean the world to me.

*gg* I'm always writing. THAT's a given. :D It just takes me ages to finish. *lol*
our little life is rounded with a sleep: A/R defyingnormalcy on March 1st, 2011 07:51 pm (UTC)

But seriously, I'd love to read a sequel. And if you ever needed a writing partner, I'd more more than happy to help you along. I'd be honoured actually.
Sira's Journal: eob - tendernesssira01 on March 2nd, 2011 11:36 am (UTC)
Thank you, hon! I'd actually love that. :D
We should put our heads together some time soon and see what we can come up with - apart of gentle world domination a la Laura, that is. :D
our little life is rounded with a sleep: A/R defyingnormalcy on March 2nd, 2011 05:56 pm (UTC)
YES. I am actually dead serious about this, I would be honoured to work with you. I have a couple ideas that I am playing around with currently actually.
Sira's Journalsira01 on March 7th, 2011 05:49 pm (UTC)
Soooooorry, dear. I only just found this comment. I'm only getting everyt tenth lj notification or so right now. Drives me nuts. :D
And I'd love to hear about these ideas of you. :D
Pipfireflies_uk on March 7th, 2011 06:00 pm (UTC)
I'm barely getting any notifications :( I've had to request they all go to my inbox on here now so I don't miss any..grrrr
our little life is rounded with a sleep: A/R ADFMS sexitimesdefyingnormalcy on March 8th, 2011 04:00 am (UTC)
Fabulous! :D

I am PMing you my email address right now, as well as my blackberry PIN (I don't know if you have one or not...)
swtlilsophieswtlilsophie on March 1st, 2011 05:47 am (UTC)
Hot damn.
Sira's Journal: bsg - laura faithsira01 on March 1st, 2011 10:40 am (UTC)
Thank you!!! :D