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27 February 2011 @ 04:47 pm
Once More With Feeling - Laura/Bill - AU - 13/15  
Title:  Once More With Feeling
Author: sira01 
Pairing:  Adama/Roslin
Rating: overall story MA, this chapter MA
Summary: Sometimes running into a stranger can turn your whole life upside down.
A/N: This chapter deals with the concept of anal sex, and not like you would think it does. If that is NOT your cup of tea, I urge you to stop reading once Bill and Laura reach her apartment in the evening. The story works without this scene, and it's not worth causing anyone grief. Thank you for your attention.

Chapter 13

He wanted her, too, and she had to know it. To look at her was enough to arouse him. Feeling her this close, though, only heightened his desire. To him, she looked like a goddess. Seeing her naked earlier on had literally taken his breath away, and the way the sun rays shone through some of the branches, creating random patterns of light and darkness on her body, had made him want to lie her down, tracing these patterns with his fingertips, with his tongue.

He contemplated getting up, carrying her to their blanket but knew he wouldn’t make it. Rearranging them, so he sat more upright, he looked her into the eyes while he reached up, freed her breasts from the confinement of her bikini top.

“You’re so sexy, I want you all the time,” he said and meant it. Caressing her lips with his, she trailed her tongue over his lips, and opening his mouth to her, he let her possess him, take whatever she needed from him. She kissed him deeply, mapped his mouth, their tongues tangling again and again. Needing to part from her to take in some much needed oxygen, their foreheads resting against each other, both of them breathed heavily. Soon, it wasn’t enough for him, though, and he kissed his way along the elegant curve of her neck, biting lightly, laving the hurt he caused away with his tongue. She hummed, moaned, writhed on his lap. If she wouldn’t stop soon, he’d come in his Speedo, her mere presence enough to have him hovering near the edge.

Looking down, he granted himself a moment to simply enjoy the view of her soft, creamy mounds, their tender peaks hard in the soft breeze.

He’d have loved to drag it out more for both of them; however, the temptation proved to be too much. Rolling one of her nipples between thumb and forefinger, he closed his lips around the other one, his teeth slightly grazing the soft bud. Laura moaned out, and the hand playing with the hair at his nape tightened its hold. It hurt, but he couldn’t have cared less as he was too caught up in fondling the flesh of the woman who aroused him like no other had in decades, the woman who had wound her way into his heart and taken root there. He might run, might still decide to do what was best for her, yet, he would always carry her in his heart, would always want her.

“Bill, please. I need you,” she whimpered.

Biting down on her nipple, he let go of her breasts, reached between them to shove her bikini bottom out of the way. Gods, she was wet, and although he had thought he’d crossed the edge of arousal induced insanity some time ago, he didn’t try to get out of his Speedo, but slid two fingers into her wet heat, curving them to maximise the sensations for her. Finger frakking her hard and fast, he watched fascinated how she followed his lead ,moved up and down in counter rhythm to his fingers, taking what she needed from him without shame.

“Come, Laura. Let me see you come.”

He didn’t know where the urgency in his voice came from, all he knew was that he wanted these memories to take them with him.

“Yes. Oh, Bill.” She moaned out loudly, and he let his thumb circle her clit, biting his lips when she contracted around his fingers nearly immediately, her whole body tensing up before slowly relaxing in his arms, in the end, slumping boneless against him. Pulling his digits out of her, he cradled her close, showering her face, her neck, her chest with kisses, murmuring sweet nothings. Only when her nails dug into his back, he looked up.

“I feel like a nap,” she all but purred, her face a mixture of deep contentment and happiness.

“Then let’s head for the blanket and have one.”

The way arousal had his whole body taut with sexual tension, he might not be able to nap at all, but her happiness was more important to him than his desire.

To his surprise, she laughed, leaned forward, nibbled at his earlobe which sent a jolt of pleasure down his spine.

“Haven’t we forgotten about something?”

“Might be,” he answered, speech next to impossible thanks to the way her wetness began soaking through his Speedo.

Lifting herself, Laura got up in one swift movement, looked down at him.

“Down,” she said, pointing at the only remaining barrier of clothing between them. Within a few seconds, he was out of the Speedo, and Laura pushed him back down, straddling him once more before she positioned herself over him, her hands braced on his shoulders.

“Laura,” he pleaded, and she didn’t make him wait, sank down on him… only to stop when nothing more than the head of his cock was inside her tight heat.

It would be so easy to pull her down, to take what he so much desired, but he wanted her to give it freely so he refrained even if he thought the tension would make him snap any time soon. Lifting herself so their bodies barely touched, she looked him in the eyes.

“I’m falling in love with you, Bill.”

She had shocked him to the core, but drove him out of his mind by sinking fully down on him the next second. Thoughts began to whirl in his mind, he tried to make sense of what he had just heard, but at the same time, he couldn’t hold on to any thought as she rode him in a rhythm too fast to call languid but too slow to count as frakking. She was making love to him, with him, and even knowing he shouldn’t, he couldn’t resist her call, and he sank into the experience, gave back what he got, never guiding her, letting her set the pace while his hands travelled along her body – her back, her waist, the soft globes of her ass. They had made love once before; still, this was different, Laura’s confession having opened his mind to the beauty that could exist between them if they’d let it.

Too soon for his liking, he felt himself nearing the edge. Part of him wished he could hold on to the experience for longer, but the other part knew everything had to end some time, and he wouldn’t be able to stem the tide anyway, the feeling of joining with Laura too exquisite to give him the chance to prolong the experience.

She seemed to know he was close, and she began to move faster, squeezed her inner muscles around him.

“Laura, I can’t...,” he tried to warn her off. He knew she wasn’t ready to go over the edge along with him. She didn’t seem to care, didn’t seem to mind, only whispered she wanted to see him come. How could he refuse her, especially when his body wanted to let go. So when she rode him harder, faster, he let himself fall, not trying to muffle his loud groan, forcing his eyes to remain open, to let her see what she did to him.

She didn’t take his eyes off him, and his heart clamped at the intimacy of the moment. He couldn’t keep his eyes off Laura either, had to bite his lips not say something stupid, not to confess his feelings for her. He loved her, didn’t want to let her go. He could feel his eyes tearing up, was glad when no tears came spilling forth.

He had no idea how much time had passed when Laura leaned into him, kissing him softly. Kissing her back, he poured everything he couldn’t say into their connection. She understood, he felt it in the way her hands caressed him, her tongue stroking his in a leisurely rhythm.

Reluctantly parting with her, he stroked some strands of hair behind her ear.

“I’m sorry. You didn’t…”

“It doesn’t matter.”

“I could…”

She placed a finger over his lips, shook her head no.

“Making love is about more than orgasms. I had one, and even if I hadn’t, this gave me more than I could possibly tell you.”

He wondered if that was the moment they should talk, if they should talk at all, but Laura made the decision for him. Disengaging from him, she gave him a smile.

“Let’s have another swim, clean up a bit.”

Not giving him the chance to reply, she righted her bikini and walked back into the water.

She hadn’t meant to tell him she loved him. She did, knew it in her heart to be true; still, to just tell him… The last time she’d told a man she loved him had been too many years ago, and sometime in the last years, she had given up hope of finding someone she might fall in love with.

Bill had come into her life unexpectedly – twice – her feelings for him deepening quickly until she had fallen for him. He was in her heart, and she knew this wouldn’t change. She wanted him; him and no one else. It would be a lie if she said she didn’t mourn the fact he was off-planet most of the year, but the heart didn’t care for such minor circumstances. She hadn’t thought she’d fall in love again, and now, she would treasure this most beautiful and fragile of feelings.

Bill, though, he seemed to be holding back, was resistant to share his thoughts, his feelings with her. She couldn’t force him; he’d have to want to talk to her, although, part of her would like nothing better than to beat some sense into him. If this was all about him thinking he wasn’t good enough for her or that he could harm her job, he was – at least to some degree – an idiot. What could she possibly do to make him understand she wanted him, and only him? And how could she make him understand she didn’t care for her job, at least not enough to let it dictate her private life? Life and circumstances had led her into politics, but she would survive if it was her turn to leave.

After a brief swim, she made her way to the blanket where she towelled herself dry. Not wanting to lie around in her still wet bikini, she took it off, placed it on a branch to dry before lying down. Bill, who had just come out of the lake himself, watched her. There was no way she could mistake the hunger in his eyes for something different. No matter what else, she knew he desired her. Why did he complicate life for himself, for her so much? Granted, she’d scared herself with her unplanned confession, had definitely scared him, but they’d come over it. This could be the start of something wonderful, something fulfilling. It all depended on Bill, though.

Feeling drowsy, she watched how he came to lie beside her, and deciding she loved feeling him close, she snuggled closer. He’d dropped his own Speedo, making her moan out in satisfaction at the skin-on-skin contact. Their last encounter had left her with some residual desire, she wouldn’t deny it, but this was enough, if not even better.

Bill’s arms wrapped themselves around her, and before she knew, it she was falling asleep.

He hadn’t meant to fall asleep. All he had wanted was to hold Laura close, to guard her sleep. He hadn’t thought he could fall asleep, not after she’d told him she was falling in love with him. Of course, he believed her; yet, he couldn’t help himself. Pushing all thoughts aside, wanting to bask in the contentment of the moment, he had watched her, listened to her even breathing. But he must’ve slipped because, when he opened his eyes due to one of his feet beginning to feel way too warm, Laura was gone. Sitting up, he stretched, looked around for her. He found her easily. She was sitting on the pier, still naked. Her legs were soaking in the water, and she was reading a book. He couldn’t help but admire her elegant curves, the sheer beauty of her. Her hair had dried slightly, fell down her back in wild locks. Unruly was the first word that came to mind. Unruly like she herself was. He wondered if…

Following his impulse, not wanting to stop and analyse it, he reached for the bag they’d brought, the bag he’d put in his camera earlier. Laura had given him a quizzical look, but he’d told her he’d like to make some photos later. She’d smiled, told him she loved the idea. He hadn’t contemplated making pictures of her nude form then, but seeing her like this, he simply had to capture the moment: This would give him something long-lasting to take with him. Getting up, he bridged some of the distance between them before kneeling down, zooming in on her. She hadn’t noticed him getting up, and he was thankful about it. This would be a natural shot with nothing artificial about it.

His heart clenched at the beauty the camera captured. Thanks to some clouds, Laura’s body was painted in light and shadow once more, and something in the book seemed to amuse her, as her lips were curled into a smile. A soft breeze ruffled her hair, but she didn’t seem to mind. Shooting first one, then another two photos, he sat back on his haunches, unable to look away. Minutes might have passed when she brushed some strands of hair behind her ear, looked up and registered his presence. Giving him a smile, she noticed the camera, her eyebrow raising in question. He got up, walked over to her, came to sit beside her.

“Hey,” she greeted him. “Found something nice to capture?”

“Yeah. You. You mind?”

She took her time to answer, looked over the lake for a while.

“No, I don’t. I guess I’m only surprised.”


“You wanting a photo of me naked.”

“You know you’re beautiful.”

“Do I?”

He snorted. “I don’t think I want to know how many men have told you that.”

He knew other men admired Laura. It didn’t mean he liked to think about it.

“Two or three maybe, and two of them only wanted me in their bed,” she answered his unvoiced question. She turned to him, and there was no bitterness or sadness on her face. She seemed serene. To him, it was nothing short of a wonder that no one had ever told this woman how special she really was. It was so easy to see.

“You are beautiful. You take my breath away,” he said, hoping his sincerity shone through.

Obviously, it did as a smile broke free on her face.

“Thank you,” she said.

There was nothing he could reply, nothing more to say so he pulled her close, let once more his body say what he couldn’t voice.

It was she who broke the connection, resting her head on his shoulder.

“I could stay here forever.”

“Me too.”

“How about we stay, build a cabin.”

“A cabin by the lake? You’d like that?”

She nodded. “I would, yes. It would have a porch, a swing set because you’re never too old for a swing set. I’d call it Denialland.”

“I like the sound of that, and who knows? Weirder things have happened before.”

He didn’t mean to say it, didn’t mean to utter anything that could be interpreted as a commitment, but for one moment, he’d slipped, had spoken his heart. He’d like to build a cabin with Laura, to build one for her. Maybe not here, maybe somewhere in the mountains in the North of Caprica, but it was something he’d do without hesitating if circumstances were different. For a moment, he allowed himself to dream.

If they’d have a cabin, it would be near a lake, just like here. He wouldn’t choose the spot alone, though, it would’ve to be a place that called out to both of them. There was no doubt inside him they’d know the spot when they found it. It would a place that would grant them their privacy, yet it wouldn’t be too far from the civilisation. He didn’t need it, could live by himself for great lengths of time. Laura was different though. She’d need to be able to get back to what they called civilisation soon. In her heart, Laura Roslin was a city girl, would need to get out and mingle from time to time. It was something he’d never ask her to give up. Like with everything else in life, they’d only need to plan to their best knowledge beforehand. There’d be enough bumps of the road, but some of them could be avoided.

“How many rooms will our cabin have?” Laura interrupted his musings.

“Four. Living room with integrated kitchen, a bathroom, a bedroom and a room we could use as an office, hobby room or additional bedroom for guests.”

“I thought the same,” she said. “Although, we might need another room.”

“Do we? What for?”

“Well, a hobby room is a nice idea, but if you really want to go about your modelling, you’ll need more space than this fourth room will have.”

They were only daydreaming, he knew it well, still Laura’s consideration, her utter acceptance of who he was made his heart ache for it to be reality.

He kissed the top of her head.

“We’ll have a fifth room then.”


They sat for a while long, both lost in there thoughts. When Laura stretched and got up, he looked at her. She smiled, held out her hand.

“Let’s get back to the blanket. You could read to me.”

They only made it back to her apartment in the late evening. Laura had a hard time believing how quickly time had passed, but the hours had simply ticked away, slipped like sand through her fingers. It had been a beautiful day, and she’d felt reluctant to leave. Still, when the sun began to sink, they’d packed their stuff and had gotten their hands on some take-out for dinner on their way home.

Bill brought their bag into her bedroom while Laura set the table. It would be their last dinner together, a thought that didn’t sit well with her. How could she come back here next week, knowing Bill wouldn’t be there. Who knew if he’d ever be back? If it were up to her…

Bill entering the living room made her postpone such thoughts until later, and sitting, down they shared a quiet meal.

Taking the plates and putting them into the sink, she turned to Bill.

“Would you like some coffee?”

“Yeah, thanks.”

“Alright. Why don’t you make yourself comfortable, and I’ll be with you in a few. I want to start the coffee and change into something less crinkled.”

“Do that.”

Getting up, Bill took the newspaper with him and left for the living room. She looked after him, enjoyed how his jeans accentuated his firm backside. Usually not one to ogle, she had to admit that she couldn’t get enough of the view this man presented.

When he out of sight, she quickly saw about the coffee, leaving for her bedroom afterwards where she grasped some fresh clothes which she took into the bathroom with her. Although she’d taken more than one bath today, she decided on a quick shower. She knew Bill liked the scent of her liquid soap, and as this was their last evening, she wanted him to notice her, wanted him to desire her.

With that in mind, she took a shower before she brushed out her hair and put on the pink nightie which clung to her curves like as second skin. She was dressed for seduction, but she didn’t see any reason for not being obvious. There was nothing wrong with wanting a sexy man and clearly conveying this want.

Leaving the bathroom, she tiptoed over to the living room. Bill was sitting on the couch and had obviously turned on the TV before emerging himself into the newspaper. It was such a domestic scene, a sign of how much at home he felt here, it made her stomach clench with happiness and sadness at the same time. Hearing a moan, her eyes widened, and taking another step into the living room, she could glance at the television. It was hard to keep the snickers at bay. A porno. Bill was watching a porno, even when he seemed oblivious to the fact.

Biting her bottom lip to contain her laughter, she bridged the distance between them, sat down beside him. He looked up then, and his eyes widened at the sight of her.

“You look good,” he rasped, and he reached out, trailed a hand along her arm, leaving goose bumps in the wake of his touch.

“I see you already tried to get in the mood,” she teased him.

“Pardon me?”

A giggle escaped her.

“The porno, Bill.”

For a moment, he didn’t seem to understand, then his gaze went to the television.

“I didn’t know about it.”

He didn’t sound sorry, just sincere. She was glad about it. If she couldn’t stand one thing, it was men pleading innocence when it came to watching adult movies.

“I know. Anyway, in spite of the fact she’s moaning, I don’t think she’s having fun. And you can see that they worked with lube.”

Bill’s eyes widened in surprise, and he looked from the TV to her. He made the impression of a man who waited for the other shoe to drop, who was used to it dropping.

“You can see that?”

“Of course, I can. This woman isn’t wet. Not at all. You should be able to see the difference as well,” she teased him.

“I do.” He seemed to be unwilling to discuss it any further, took up the newspaper again.

Putting a hand on his shoulder, she squeezed it lightly.

“Bill, look at me.”

He did, his face calm, composed, the face he showed the world when he didn’t want people to know what he was thinking. It was an expression she hadn’t seen directed at herself before, but knew instinctively that this was Commander Adama, the man in charge a battlestar.

“Hey, I was serious here. I think the movie isn’t well done. I guess for many it will serve the purpose, to arouse quickly, but in my opinion, the best porn movies are the ones were the women are really aroused, where you can hear their moans come from the heart.”

Bill looked down, chuckled. “You’re one of a kind.”

“Why? Because I admit that I’ve watched porn movies and liked some of them? I know some women have a serious dislike for them, but personally, I don’t see anything wrong with them. Although this one…,” she looked at the TV again. “Look at her face, even with using lube, and plenty of that, she doesn’t look like she’s enjoying the anal penetration. Her face tells one story, her fake moans shall make you believe quite another.”

“Damnit, Laura, don’t do that to me.”

She turned to him. “Pardon me?”

“You make a clinical analysis sound like so much more.”

She raised her eyebrow. “So much more?”

“Yeah. The movie leaves me cold, you don’t.”

“You think discussing porn with a woman is hot?”

“Discussing porn with this woman makes me hot. You look hot.”

His stern expression changed into a softer one, one who didn’t try to hide the want, the desire.

“Might be I had plans.”


She nodded. “Might be I wanted to seduce a soldier.” Reaching under his shirt, she pulled out his dog tags, weighed them in her hands. “Do you think I’m dressed for success?”

“Yeah, I think you are.”

She pulled him closer by the dog-tags, brushed his lips with hers before releasing him. She wanted to ask him if they should relocate, but then an impish smile appeared on his face. Intriguing.

“Which other secrets do you hide?”


“Well, it seems you’re not against watching porn.”

“Yes, I’m not.”

“Do you like it?” he asked, nodding toward the television. Glancing over for a second, she looked back at him.

“Having sex with two men at once?”

“Anal sex? Although now that you mention it…”

“No, I don’t have a habit of engaging in physical pleasures with two men at the same time. And anal sex, I’m not opposed to it. With the right man, with the right mood, it can be wonderful.”

A smile appeared on his face, and holding her gaze, he reached out, pulled one of the straps of her nightie over her shoulder, his thumbs trailing in lazy circles across her skin.

“How about this man? Do you think it would fit, that the mood’s right?”

His voice had dropped a register, and it was enough to send a shiver down her spine, her body reacting to his voice and touch alike.

“I think I could be convinced.”



Leaning into him once more, she kissed him, only to pull back when he wanted to deepen the kiss. There was a little devil inside of her that couldn’t be suppressed all the time.

“What about you?”

“Me?” He looked confused.

“Yes, you. Have you ever done it?”

“Done what?” Now his eyes narrowed, and there was something about the way he stiffened that made her curious.

“Anal sex. Have you ever been at the receiving end of anal sex?”

He became positively rigid, and she did her best to hide her own surprise. Her surprise and her glee. He didn’t even need to confirm for her to know. Who would have thought that Bill Adama had engaged in anal sex?”


“With whom and when? Did you like it?” She didn’t want to hear excuses, was only curious.

“Laura.” He looked away again.

“Hey, if you tell me, I might tell you about my one and only threesome some time.”

“So you had one?”

“Yes. One.”


“Oh no, Adama. It’s your time to spill the beans. I’m all ears. And if you’re a good soldier, well… who knows.”

She stroked her breast through the satin of her nightie, enjoying the way his eyes lit up. When she felt her nipple pucker under her ministrations, she stopped, pulled up the strap of the nightie again.

“First the story, then the fun.”

“I don’t know.”

“But I do. Gods, Bill. It’s nothing you’re ashamed of, is it?”

He shrugged. “No, it isn’t. It’s just been a long time. I haven’t thought about it in years.”

Deciding she wanted to be closer to him, she pulled up her nightie to her waist, straddled him. Behind her, the movie was still running, the moans gaining in volume, but she didn’t care. Sitting on his lap, she felt his erection, delighted in the fact he wanted her.

Leaning in, she nibbled at his earlobe.

“Tell me, please. I’m all ears.”

“It was when I still served on Galatica, during the Cylon War. I… I lost a bet.”

“A bet, huh?”

“Yeah,” he sighed. “My best friend back then… well, I knew he… he had a crush on me, or however you wanna phrase that.”

“I can understand him.”

“You can?”

She bit his earlobe. “Yeah. Might be I have a crush on you, too.”

“Is that so?”

“Uh huh. And now, continue. Don’t think you can distract me that easily.”

Bill’s hands had come around her, were resting on her lower back.

“You won’t let me off the hook, will you?”


“You’re kinda relentless, Madame Secretary.”

“I know, and now, talk, Commander.”

She gave him a brief kiss before looking at him, waiting.

“Well, one night when we were really drunk, we talked about frakking, how we liked it best, and he, too, asked me if I had ever been… well, frakked in the ass. I hadn’t. Told him I didn’t have any intention of trying it either. He told me I shouldn’t knock it before I tried it. I told him, no, thank you. That’s when he suggested a bet.”

He broke off, sighed before looking at her as if expecting her to tell him he could stop. She wouldn’t have before, but now, she really wanted to know.

“What was the bet about?”

“Who’d shoot down more cylon raider during the next attack. I told him if he lost, he had to do my laundry for a month. He told me that if I lost, he wanted to frak me once. I was drunk, was confident I could beat him. Damnit, I always beat him before.”

She hummed. “But this time, it was about something he wanted, wasn’t it? Something he really wanted.”

He looked surprised. “I haven’t seen it this way before. Not that I wanted to think about it.”

“Just a thought. So you lost.”

“Yeah. By one raider.”

“And you’re one to pay your dues.”

“Yeah. A bet is a bet. I had promised. I knew he wanted it. He was my friend.”

Bill shook his head.

“And then you did it.”

“No. A few days after I got drunk once more. Drunk and stoned. Thankfully another friend could provide me with a blunt. First, I got stoned, then, I had too much to drink, and when I was only halfway lucid but still able to walk, I went to him, told him it would be now or never.”

“I guess he went for now.”

“Yeah. He made sure the coast was clear, led me to a seldom used supply closet.”

“And then you did it.”

“He kissed me, and it was… strange. At first, I wanted to push him away, but it wasn’t his fault he had feelings for me. Feelings I didn’t return. So I let him, laid down on the blanket he brought when he told me to.”

“You were nervous?”

He rolled his eyes. “That was worse than facing the cylons. It was simply a situation I had never seen myself in.”

She knew what he meant, and wanting to reassure him, she reached up, played with his hair while kissing him once more, allowing him to deepen the kiss this time. Their tongues tangling, she felt jolts of pleasure cursing through her body, had will herself to pull away. She still wanted to hear the rest of the story.

“And then?”

“Then he told me to relax. I was stoned enough to laugh out.”

“Did you relax?”

“It was… strange. I didn’t want it, but when he began to caress me, to massage my back to touch me… it felt good.”

“I see no reason why it shouldn’t have.”

“I didn’t expect it to be pleasurable, but for a while, it was.”

“And then?”

“He told me to spread my legs a bit more, touched my ass. I flinched.”

“Hey, you were still feeling uncomfortable.”

“I didn’t want to hurt him. He was still my friend. Anyway, I told him to…well, just do it. Do it right then before I could lose my nerves.”

“And did he?”

Bill snorted then chuckled. “Kiss me again, then I’ll tell you the rest. And better make it good.”

She didn’t waste any time, captured his mouth in a hungry kiss. His erection was still pressing against her, his hands caressing her back, and it would’ve been so easy to give in. Too easy. She was tempted, her want battling with her curiosity. Thankfully, it was Bill who withdrew this time.

“I think you deserve the rest of the story.”

“I think so, too. So you told him to just do it.”

“Yeah. And instead of following suit, he unpacked the lube. Damn, I hadn’t even noticed him packing it. Although thinking about it today, I’m glad he did.”

“It would’ve been very uncomfortable without it.”

“I never tried it again, but I’m sure it would have been.” His gaze became distant, his hands stopped caressing her.

“He did everything to make me feel comfortable. I remember how he kissed my back, and that it felt good: He took his time preparing me for what was to come. He… caressed me for some time again, started with his fingers, first one, then two, never forgetting to apply enough lube. It felt weird, yet, it wasn’t unpleasant, and when he entered me… it was uncomfortable. Uncomfortable but good.”

“You liked it?”

“Yeah. No. It’s hard to describe.” He looked down, his gaze withdrawn; although, then he focussed on her, one of his hands reaching between them, stroking a breast through the fabric of her nightgown. The brush of satin against her skin, guided by the movements of his finger, had her nipple tightening, pleasure beginning to coil deeply in the pit of her stomach.

“I like what I see better,” he said, leaning forward to capture her hard bud with his teeth, biting lightly before suckling it. The slight pull sent shockwaves of pleasure through her body, pooling at the juncture of her thighs, and unable to sit still for much longer, she began an undulating motion on his lap, rubbing herself against his erection.

Then, he stopped, sighed.

“I guess you want to hear the rest of the story as well.”

She forced herself to sit still. “Yes, of course.”

Bill leaned back, his head resting against the couch, and his eyes fell shut. Using the opportunity, she let herself sink against his chest, enjoying the warmth, the comfort.

“I didn’t think it could be pleasurable. I mean, I know it had to be, that there had to be something about it, I just never contemplated it as something I would like to try out. But the way he stretched me, the way the motion massaged my prostrate. It… made me want it. Want it to a degree I wasn’t a passive participant in this any longer.”

“What did you do?”

“I…I ended up on all fours, and he was frakking me hard, fast by then. I needed… release, wanted it, so I began touching myself. In these moments, it felt good. In these moments, I wanted it, and… and when he came, I came as well.”

“It doesn’t sound half bad.”

“It wasn’t, which might’ve been the biggest surprise about it all.”

“What happened afterwards?”

“I took a shower, made sure I was too drunk to even remember my name and went to sleep. When I woke up the next day, my friend had already left the pilot’s quarters, and when I saw him later on, it was in the mess hall and, there were too many people around to talk. We never talked about it, and I don’t know if I’m glad about it or not.”

She hummed, sat more upright so she could shower his neck with kisses.

“What’s your friend doing now? Is he still with the Fleet?”

“He’s dead. Died during a cylon attack about two months later.”

“I’m sorry, Bill.”

He shrugged. “That’s life. I lost quite some friends during the war. Sometimes, it seems like a wonder any of us made it out alive. But with him… we knew each other from before the war. In some situations when someone tells a good joke for example, I still think I can hear him laugh. He had the naughtiest laughter you can imagine.”

Bill was smiling now, obviously lost in his memories. She knew how memories of this kind felt, had too many of them herself.

“Bill.” She waited until he looked at her.


“I still want you.” She smiled. “If you’re still interested, that is.”

She would understand if he said no now, but she hoped he didn’t. Life, she wanted to celebrate it with him. When else if not now?

“’course, I want you.”

Leaning closer, she whispered in her ear.

“Good, because I’m still thinking about the movie behind us. You know...” she suckled at his earlobe, relishing his soft intake of breath and the tremor that ran through his frame, “I have a vibrator, and I’ve got lube.”
He tensed, and pulling away, she looked at him. Something primal had come alive in his eyes.

“You want me to frak you…with the vibrator.”

She raised her eyebrow. “Not quite.”

“Not quite?”

“See, I want to frak you with the vibrator.”

His eyes widened, and he was silent for a long moment.

“Laura.” He sounded doubtful, and she braced herself for the rejection of her request. Still…

“You can trust me. I… I want you to enjoy it. I want to see you when you enjoy it.”

“I don’t know.”

“And afterwards, you can have me. Like you want.”

“You’d let me…”

“To put it bluntly, frak my ass? Yes. I trust you Bill, with my heart, my soul and my body.”

Without any forewarning, he kissed her, and the kiss was nearly brutal in its passion. He dominated it, took her mouth. Then, as suddenly as it had started, he pulled away.

“I trust you, too.”


“So yes, if you want to do it, I won’t stop you.”

It wasn’t an outright acceptance, but it wasn’t a rejection either. She was sure she could get him to enjoy it, would do everything so he’d feel comfortable.

With a mock sigh, she got up, switched off the television.

“Let’s relocate somewhere more comfortable.”

She held out her hand to him, and he instantly took it.

“Have you ever done that before?” he asked.

“Made love to a man with a vibrator?”


“No, I haven’t. It’s…” She decided honesty was the best course of action about now. “It feels alright to try it with you. I didn’t think about it before. But there were a lot of things I didn’t think about before I met you.”

Bill stilled, and she turned to him. There was an almost pained expression on his face.


He pulled her close, the arms tightening around her slender frame nearly crushing her.

“I’m falling in love with you, too,” he said.

She bit her bottom lip, willed her knees to remain steady even when they felt like they could give out under her. It had scared her to voice her feelings to him; it scared and elated her even more to hear him say it back. She debated what and if to say something back, but he took the decision from her, scooping her up and carrying her the rest of the way to her bedroom. Depositing her on the bed, he began to strip.
Pipfireflies_uk on February 27th, 2011 04:41 pm (UTC)
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