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17 February 2011 @ 05:10 pm
Once More With Feeling - Laura/Bill - AU - 12/15  
Title:  Once More With Feeling
Author: sira01 
Pairing:  Adama/Roslin
Rating: overall story MA, this chapter M
Summary: Sometimes running into a stranger can turn your whole life upside down.

Chapter 12

He couldn’t stop touching her. Even knowing she had fallen asleep over half an hour ago, he just couldn’t stop letting his hands roam over the smooth skin of her thigh, her waist, and her stomach. She had been exhausted, and so was he, still sleep wouldn’t come. With only Saturday and half of Sunday left, he began to dread the separation that would have to follow. He knew what he had to do, would do, but his heart didn’t agree. His heart had opened to the beautiful, fiery redhead in his arms. Laura Roslin might seem calm, composed and serene when being in public, when doing her job, but he knew there was more to her, so much more. If he had only a photo of her he could take with him. A real photo, not the newspaper clipping he’d kept for all these years. He wanted a photo where she was smiling, was carefree. Maybe she’d let him take one tomorrow. He’d have to stop by his apartment anyway, had to bring his model ship back and pack some stuff for the upcoming trip. It would be easy to get the camera, take a few shots. She would never need to know that he’d taken them to his ship with him to sustain him throughout the months he’d spend out there.

Sometimes, he thought fate was cruel. Why did he have to fall in love with a woman he couldn’t have? He knew he wouldn’t forget Laura. Not in a month, not in a year, or even in a few years. True, their relationship – if one could call it that – hadn’t been tested, there hadn’t been arguments or one of the trials that came when you committed yourself to live with someone else, still he knew without a doubt that she was the one he wanted, needed, really.

She felt so good in his arms, making him question how he would deal being all alone in his narrow rack once more. Would he wake up, reaching for Laura then?

Sentimental thoughts, but that was what he was, a sentimental old fool. There were many people thinking he was hard, cold-hearted, but he wasn’t. That he wasn’t the chatty type, guarded his heart didn’t mean he was without feelings. He wasn’t. He felt deeply; most often, he felt too much.

Laura turned in his embrace, and he stilled so he wouldn’t wake her. No such luck, her eyes opened, and they were clear with no traces of recent slumber. Had he misread her that badly?

“Anything you want to talk about?” she asked quietly, showering his chest with tiny kisses.

“No, it’s nothing.”

“You’re a bad liar, Bill Adama.”

“I know.”

He wouldn’t talk, not about that. What would be the gain of burdening her with his feelings? She hadn’t asked for him to fall in love with her.

“Gotta have to get some stuff from my apartment tomorrow,” he said instead.

“I know.” She sighed, and it might only be his wishful thinking, but she didn’t sound elated at the thought of time passing so fast either.

“How about we drive over there and go swimming afterwards?”


“Yeah, I know a lake not that far from here, a forty-minute drive if at all. It’s quite remote. We could grasp a blanket, a book, something to eat and just have a good day. Only the two of us.”

It was a nice idea, would give them the opportunity to be together once more without the outside world having a chance to intrude.

“I’d like that.”

“Then we’ll do it”.

“You think you can sleep now?”

“I don’t know.” He knew she’d know if he lied to her.

In spite of his protest, Laura sat up, extricated herself from his embrace and left the bed. He had no idea what she was up to. A minute later, she was back, her glasses on her nose, a book under her arm.

Sitting down on the bed, she switched on the light on her side of the bed.

“Close your eyes, I read to you.”

He wanted to protest, to tell her it was his job, but fact was he wanted it. Finding a comfortable position, he closed his eyes, feeling heaviness overtake him.

He woke up to the sound of Laura talking, and opening his eyes, he got out of bed, found Laura pacing up and down in her living room.

“Yes, I know. But really… no, I…,” she ran a hand through her hair. Seeing him, she gave him a pained smile.

“Yes, you don’t have to remind me. Alright, I’ll come in, sign that bloody thing and will be out in a minute. Yes, of course, I’m in a bad mood. It’s Saturday, and it’s my vacation if you have forgotten about it. See you later.”

She ended the call, put her cell phone down on the dining table.

“You’re frustrated,” he remarked. “Let me make some coffee.”

“Thanks. Well, we’ll have to stop by my office this morning. There are some papers that have to go to Gemenon today. I need to sign them. If you ask me that could’ve waited until Monday, but well…”

“It’s no problem. At least, not for me. It’s your job.”

She came to stand beside him. “It’s not my job to have to go in during the weekend.”

It was, and they both knew it. That was the price to pay if you had more than just a regular desk job. Somehow, he was thankful for the reminder why he’d have to keep his distance. He might have forgotten himself. Turning to her, he kissed her softly.

“It’s only a signature, right?”

“Yes, I guess you’re right.”

Smiling at him, she shrugged. “Anyway, what would you like for breakfast?”

Parking the car, Laura turned to Bill, telling him he could accompany her into the office. She promised she’d offer him coffee and stale cookies as well. Shaking his head, he reached out, cupped her jaw, stroked a thumb over her supple skin, telling her he wanted to go for a short walk to fetch the newspaper instead.

She understood, gave him a tender kiss before they both got out of the car and went on their different ways. In truth, Bill needed the time to think, to be alone. He thought Laura had felt it, but he was thankful she hadn’t commented, just had let him go.

The stop at his apartment had made him thoughtful, and he needed some time to find to himself again.

He had disliked packing his model ship, to bring it and some other stuff back to his own apartment. Coming back from missions, his place felt strange to him, but after a few days with Laura, it seemed even emptier. This wasn’t a place he wanted to be or return to. Who was the man who lived in a space that small? A place that was tidy but didn’t hold any personality? If he had learned one thing over the course of the last few days, it was that his life couldn’t go on like it had for the last several years. He had to live for more than just his job. Someday, it would be his turn to retire, and he wanted to have somewhere to go to, something to look forward to. He didn’t think the future would include Laura, couldn’t, thus he didn’t think the beauty of a partnership was in store for him, still he wanted something to ground him.

The next time he’d find himself back on Caprica, he would call his sons, try to find a rapport. If he didn’t use the present, he wouldn’t use the future either. It was too late this time, but he’d make sure to call them next time. Maybe he could write them in the meantime, see if they were even interested.

He sighed, knew he had a tendency to overthink things. It was something his ex-wife had admonished him for, time and again. It was who he was, though, an integral part of him. He wasn’t a man who talked much, but a man who thought through things, tried to view them from different angles. It was also a fact Laura seemed to accept.

Laura Roslin. Somehow, his thoughts were drawn back to her, again and again.

No, it wouldn’t do to contemplate this now. The sun was shining, and for a few seconds, he stopped, stood still and closed his eyes. He’d miss the sun’s warmth, fresh air. Most likely, he wouldn’t be back until late autumn, and he mourned the fact he wouldn’t be able to enjoy even some summer days. He liked the warmth, even the heat, liked to be outside. Someone nudged him while passing, and taking it as a clue, he began moving again, crossed the street. Heading for the newspaper stand, he grabbed one, ordered a package of cigarettes to take along. He hadn’t smoked in quite some time but had the feeling he’d like a smoke rather soon.

Paying for his purchases, he decided to take a little walk. Laura would call him when she was done, so he could always utilise the time. It was less than five minutes later when his cell phone rang. Saul. Might be the perfect opportunity to tell his friend not to leave such voice messages again.

“Saul,” he greeted him.

“Who else? But good grief, Bill, did you have to make a Gods frakking statement?”

“I’ve got no idea what you’re talking about.”

Saul laughed. “Why am I not surprised? Spent your morning in bed instead of reading the newspaper, huh? Or are you still in bed?”

“Not that it is any of your business, but I’m not. Just bought one. Let’s try it again, what the frak are you talking about?”

“Don’t know which paper you bought, but you should be able to see it on one of the first pages. Or try the last page. If you got The Times, it’s the last page.”

He had bought The Times.

“Talk to you some other time, Saul.”

“No. You don’t get to hang up on me now. Forget it, my friend. I want to at least hear your reaction to it.”

Feeling annoyed, Bill lowered the cell phone and unrolled the newspaper he’d carried under one arm. He saw it at once. The photo would’ve been hard to miss. It was Laura and him kissing. Gods, it looked as if they were about to devour each on the spot. He cursed, picked up the phone.

“If you crack any joke now, I’ll crack your skull.”

His threat was met with a hearty chuckle. “And there I thought I congratulate you to your woman and ask you if you’re broke and need some money to get a room.”

“You think that’s funny?”


“Ha ha.”

Another chuckle, but then Saul got serious. ”Honestly, Bill. You two look happy. It’s been some time since you felt that way about anyone, isn’t it? Sure, not everyone ends up in the newspaper when making out, but still… And if you don’t want her, some of my friends are still single.”

“One word more, Saul…”

“Not from me. Gotta run anyway. Ellen’s got plans. See ya tomorrow.”

Saul hung up, and Bill put the cell phone back into his pocket.

What a frakked up situation. And while he should worry about the thought of how this would reflect on Laura, all he could think of was another man wanting to date her. She would date other men, would eventually take one into her bed, maybe into her heart. That was the course of life. Maybe she would mourn what they had, but she wouldn’t mourn it forever. The thought alone made him angry, made him want to beat anyone daring to touch her. He shouldn’t think this way, but shouldn’t was what it once had been. Another man with Laura? Unacceptable.

To go into work at a Saturday was depressing. Most of the offices were empty, only a few lonely souls were actually working. She tried to remember how often she had been one of these people, but failed. Only now, after a few days of not thinking about work at all, she realised that she had allowed her job to overtake her life, or if not overtake, to dominate it. She had lived for her job. Who worked didn’t have time to mourn the past, to question one’s life. Not any longer. She wouldn’t let that happen to her again. Bill had shown her there was more to life than just a job, and even if Bill had to leave tomorrow, he’d be back. If she wasn’t reading him completely wrong, he felt deeply for her. She hadn’t thought about it in detail yet, but one thing was for sure, if he thought he could give up on them only because her job meant she wasn’t someone completely anonymous, he was wrong.

Entering her office, she was surprised to find Richard in there, sitting on her chair, seemingly reading the newspapers. Hearing her, he looked up, smiled at her.

The thought was random, but she thought it had been quite some time since he’d given her that smile, the smile of a friend. She’d seen many of those smiles when they had been only friends, had still seen them at the beginning of their affair but less and less with each passing year.

“You know you didn’t have to come here just because of the signature, right? But feel right at home.”

“I do. Thank you. And I know. But I wanted to talk with you about the photo in today’s newspaper.”

“Which photo?”

“You didn’t check the newspaper, yet?”

Somehow, this seemed to amuse him. Grinning, he handed her the newspaper he’d been reading with the last page upturned.

Bill and her – kissing as if it was going out of style. This could come right out of a movie. She began giggling, couldn’t control it, really. This shouldn’t have happened, this wasn’t how the world should see her, but honestly, who cared? If people cared for a photo instead of the fact she did a good job, then there was something wrong with people. Frantically trying to get a grip, she read what was written underneath the photo.

Even politicians are human. Laura Roslin, Secretary of Education, shows she doesn’t only enjoy a good fight but life as well.

It was true, on both accounts. The only person who could become dangerous when it came to her job was the man currently sitting at her desk anyway. Taking some calming breaths, she looked at Richard, willing to face whatever he decided to throw at her.

He was watching her with a mixture of exasperation and amusement. There was no condemnation; at least, she couldn’t see any.

“You had to show people that there’s more to my secretaries than the colonies know, huh?” he said, his eyes twinkling with humour. She felt relieved. Maybe she shouldn’t, because she knew quite well she had any right to lead a life outside her office; still, it was her first reaction to his words.

“You surprise me; Richard. In the last few months, we had Secretary Richardson and the photos of him cheating on his wife, and then there were the rumours about Secretary Dunley and drug abuse.”

“Oh, I know. But I think this is far more amusing.”

She narrowed her eyes at him. “You do?”

“Yes. You are the one person people thought of as rather uptight. No one can think that after seeing that photo.”

“I’m glad I could provide you with that much entertainment, Mr. President.”

“That you did. So this is he? The man who makes you smile like I haven’t seen you smile in years?”

She sat down on her guest chair.

“Yes, that is him.”

It should feel uncomfortable to discuss the new man in her life with her former lover, yet it didn’t. Richard was relaxed, seemed open to hear what she had to say. It even looked as if he was genuinely happy for her.

“You two look good together. Who is he?”

“Does it matter?”

“No, it doesn’t. But, Laura, relax, please. I’m not out for your head. That was simple human curiosity. If that man makes you happy, then I’m happy you’ve found him.”

She didn’t know what made her say that, but maybe she needed someone to listen just now.

“He’s going to leave Caprica tomorrow.”


“His next assignment, he’s with the Fleet.”

“A soldier? Didn’t know you had a taste for them.”

He was teasing her, and she allowed a smile to appear on her face.

“It’s all about the dog-tags, didn’t you know that?”

He laughed out, and she joined him.

Getting up, he walked around her, put his hands on her shoulders, squeezing lightly before he let go, stepped away.

“He’ll come back, Laura. A blind man can see he won’t be able to stay away.”

She hoped he was right, hoped it with everything in her.

“We’ll see,” she said.

“I’m sure we will. But how about you give me the signature needed and enjoy the last few hours with your soldier.”

He was right. Reaching for the folder which lay on top of her desk, she put the newspaper to the side, and sitting down, quickly gave her signature.

Getting up, she looked at Richard who looked relaxed. With knowing that Bill would wait a bit longer, she smiled at Richard.

“How about a quick cup of coffee before I head out?”

She had caught him by surprise, yet he nodded. “Sure.”

“Alright. Your treat, by the way.”

He laughed out. “You drive a hard bargain, Madame Secretary.”

“That’s why I’m a member of your cabinet.”

“And there I thought I had appointed you because of your legs.”

“You had?”

They bantered all the way up to his office, and Laura felt at ease with him. Times were changing, and it seemed they changed to the better.

Meeting Laura at her car, he was surprised to find her in high spirits. She made the impression to be even more relaxed than she had been when they had parted. So she didn’t have any idea about the photo, yet. He hated to destroy her mood, although he was sure she’d rather hear it from him than anyone else.

Winding an arm around his waist, she kissed his cheek. It felt so natural, she was obviously at ease with him. It tore at his heart.

“What’s the matter, Bill? You look as if you’ve seen a ghost.”

“Not a ghost. Look, I don’t know how to best tell you, but there’s a photo of you and me in today’s newspaper.”

Amazed, he watched how her face broke into a grin before she laughed out.

“I know. And a good one at that. We do look good, don’t we?”

She opened the car, wanted to get in, but then she stopped, looked at him as if waiting for him to catch up.

Didn’t she understand what that photo meant?

“Bill, please tell me you’re not worried about this picture.”

He sighed, ran a hand through his hair.

“I didn’t mean for this to happen. I’m sorry, Laura.” Even if she didn’t see the ramifications of the picture now, it couldn’t take long. He wondered that she didn’t seem to worry, didn’t seem to care.

Something came alive in her eyes, and closing the car door again, she sighed.

“Bill, what on Caprica is your problem? We are two adults. We were caught kissing. There’s a picture in the newspaper. And? Tomorrow, there’ll be other pictures. In a week from now, there won’t be anyone left remembering this thing, apart of us that is.”

“That’s not it.”

“It isn’t? What is it then? Are you afraid your officers could see their commander making out in public with a politician? Really, Bill, I’m lost here.” She sighed frustrated, but then her voice softened, and she made a step toward him, touching his arm with her hand. Her voice became gentle, almost unbearably so. “Bill, talk to me. I want to understand you, but right now, I can’t.”

Could it really be she didn’t see what he saw? And he hadn’t even thought about his own people, that others than Saul might’ve seen the picture.

“I’m worried about your career, Laura. I’m not the kind of man you should be seen with. I’m not a politician or a business man, can’t even say I’m a model military officer...” The admission hurt, but he owed her truth.

The expression on her face became tender, and he saw a hint of sadness on her face. Reaching out, she stroked along his jaw.

“Bill, I’m sorry to tell you, but sometimes, you’re just plain stupid. You don’t seem to be the kind of man who lacks the necessary self-confidence to go through life, so why now? If everything, I am proud of this picture. Truth to be told, I haven’t been that happy in too long a time. It surprised the Hades out of me to find a picture that shows me happy and carefree. I think we both have been through enough shit to be entitled to some happiness.”

Before he could protest, she kissed him, tenderly at first but then deepening the kiss, humming.

He could still argue the point, knew that even if she didn’t think anything about the pictures others would, but who was he to take her happiness away from her? If there’d be a fallout, it would come soon enough. Until then, he could make her enjoy their last day. What came afterwards… he wouldn’t be able to influence it, anyway.

Pulling away, Laura was slightly breathless, but so was he.

“Ready to go swimming?”


She got in the car, and once they were both seated and buckled up, they were on their way.

He couldn’t make his thoughts stop, couldn’t stop the wheels in his mind turning, but for Laura’s sake and his own, he would try.

She didn’t know whether to laugh, cry or slap him. So far, Bill had been nothing short of wonderful, and although she knew that no one was perfect, accepted it, she hadn’t expected this. He was a smart man, smarter than his behaviour indicated at the moment. Yes, he wasn’t perfect; yes, he wouldn’t be president or even lead the fleet some day, but why should he? She didn’t need or want a perfect man. She wanted someone who accepted her for who she was, loved her for who she was, all the things Bill Adama did.

As it seemed, it wasn’t something she could convince him of, though. Maybe it would be good for them to separate for a while; it would give them both the time to think it all through. She knew what she wanted, knew that she didn’t want to part with Bill forever; still, taking the time to let the feelings settle couldn’t hurt. Knowing herself, she’d curse the fact he was gone after just a few days, but that was something she wouldn’t be able to change. He was who he was, seemed to love his job, and she wouldn’t want to change him.

The ride passed in silence, but she didn’t mind, hoped Bill would use the time to work through his issues. It was a beautiful day, and they’d have it all to themselves. That should count for something.

The lake was as deserted as she’d hoped it would be. It was only Bill and her. Taking the bag they’d packed out of the car, she let him take it, and soon, they found a tree which provided enough shadow for them not to burn in the welcome but harsh sunlight.

Bill took out the blanket they had brought while Laura toes off her shoes.

“Let’s change into something more comfortable,” she said and began to open the buttons of her blouse. Bill’s eyes widened. He hadn’t thought she’d go and find a secluded place to change into her bikini, had he? He knew how she looked naked, so there was no reason to act coy. That it aroused her to have him watch her with an expression of rapt fascination was just an added bonus. Her body wasn’t that of a young woman, still he desired her.

Once the blouse was open, she pulled it off her shoulder, let it glide to the ground before she reached for her skirt. Bill’s eyes were following her movements.

“Don’t you want to change into something more comfortable, too?”

His eyes snapped up to hers.

“Caught me red-handed, didn’t you?” He sounded amused, the melancholy she had sensed about him gone for the moment.

“Wouldn’t say red-handed, but you came close.”

Lowering the zipper, she let the skirt sink to the ground, stood before him in only her underwear. Bill began to unbutton his shirt, but his focus was on her, his gaze sliding up and down her body. It nearly felt like a physical caress, and her nipples were hardening in reaction to the heat of his gaze. Reaching around for the bra’s closure, she stopped, waited until Bill focussed on her once more before she spoke.

“Your turn. Tit for tat, Commander.”

“You’re an excellent negotiator, Madame Secretary,” Bill rasped.

“I am. And now strip before I’ll tear the clothes off of you.”

She wasn’t kidding. If she didn’t get to see all of him now, she would just take matters into her own hands. She loved his body, and knowing she didn’t have that much time to enjoy him any longer, she wanted to make the time left count.

Bill chuckled, but he finished with his shirt, just let it drop afterwards. It was a sign of his own state of mind; he didn’t try to make sure it wouldn’t end up crinkled. If Bill was one thing, it was orderly. He didn’t wear his tanks under his shirt, a fact that delighted her the same time she mourned it. There was something about the way the close-fitting shirts highlighted his figure, his strong arms.

“Your turn,” he said. Giving him a slow smile, she opened her bra, shrugged out of it. Bill’s sharp intake of breath made her want him even more, and she knew her panties were damp by now.

“I love your breasts,” Bill said. “I love how they fill my hands, their softness, how they taste.”

It wasn’t only the words but his voice as well. He was the only man who ever aroused her with his voice alone. His deep baritone soothed her soul while it inflamed her nerve endings, sent jolts of arousal through her body.
“You can touch them all you like. Later.”

He understood, quickly got out of shoes, socks and his pants. Only clad in his boxers, there was no mistaking he was as aroused as she was.

Closing her eyes, she willed herself to reign in her desire for him. They had all day. She let out a small laugh.

“You tempt me, Bill Adama,” she said, and opened her eyes.

“To do what?”

“Devour you on the spot.”

He nodded, and it wasn’t a sign of arrogance, but a sign of acceptance, his way of telling her he felt just the same.

“How about a swim?” she suggested.

“Good idea.”

They both donned their last pieces of clothing, their gazes locking. It would be so easy. If she only crossed the minute distance between them, if she touched him, they would be both lost. She knew, a single touch, a single kiss would stoke a fire that could only be quenched if they gave in to the temptation. This was torture, but it was also bliss. What a luxury to be with a man you desired, to know that sooner or later you would sink into his embrace, and the mutual give and take of pleasure would make you forget everything but the man you were with.

Reaching into the bag, she threw him the Speedo he’d packed, taking out the bikini she brought for herself.

Instead of putting on the bikini, she watched Bill getting into the Speedo, the view of him enticing her to do more than just stare.

“You want to go in naked?” Bill asked amused, and she had to hand it to him. This time, he’d caught her red-handed. Yes, she had been staring, but she wasn’t ashamed of it.

Putting on her bikini, she held his gaze, admired that he looked at her face instead of her body.

“You don’t like the bikini?” she finally asked, smirked when his gaze dropped downward instantly.

“Love it. You look good.”

It would be so easy to give in, to lose herself. Taking a last deep breath to calm a heart that beat way too fast and didn’t want to slow down, she walked past him toward the pier.

She felt Bill’s eyes resting on her and deciding she couldn’t take much more of this kind of tension, she hurried, sat down at the end of the pier before sliding into the water. It was cold, deliciously so. Bill followed her a few seconds later. The compulsion to cross the distance, to wrap her legs around his waist was a strong one, so she began to swim in the opposite direction.

She enjoyed swimming, always had, and for the next minutes, she willed everything else aside, emptied her mind, just swam. When she opened her eyes after a while, she saw Bill not that far away, and she couldn’t bring herself to avert her eyes. Swimming toward him, she found him smiling at her.

“Hey, beautiful,” he greeted her.

“Hey, sailor.”

Something passed between them, and swimming toward the shore, she knew he was following her. He was an elegant swimmer. Soon, he had passed her, awaited her when she reached the shore. He was sitting leaned back on his elbows. She didn’t waste time, straddled his legs.

“Look what I found.”

He chuckled. “What is it?”

“No idea, yet, but I’ll make sure to explore it from all angles.”

One of her hands came to rest on his neck, the other on his back.

“I want you, soldier.”
Pipfireflies_uk on February 17th, 2011 04:48 pm (UTC)
Sigh! I love this story so much! Just hoping they declare their love for each other before it's too late!!
Sira's Journalsira01 on February 19th, 2011 06:12 pm (UTC)
Thank you so very much, hon! And psssst. I can promise they will! :D THAT much I remember.
And sorry I only answered now. The last days I was busy getting wallpaper of the wall. FUN...not. *lol*
aussiegirl: eddie's backbsg_aussiegirl on February 18th, 2011 02:56 am (UTC)
what on Caprica is your problem made me LOL. Hee.

And Bill in budgie smugglers? Also LOL.
Sira's Journalsira01 on February 19th, 2011 06:18 pm (UTC)
*gg* And may I say your icon makes me droooooooooool. Wouldn't mind finding The Ed like that in front of my door. Although I guess it would be a wee bit too cold for this attire. ^^
aussiegirl: Eddie in the waterbsg_aussiegirl on February 19th, 2011 11:03 pm (UTC)
Finally! One advantage to living in the tropics! Come on over Eddie!
Sira's Journalsira01 on February 20th, 2011 09:34 am (UTC)
Weeeell, at least I could truly offer to make him warm/hot. *cough*
our little life is rounded with a sleep: A/R defyingnormalcy on February 18th, 2011 04:09 am (UTC)
I am seriously going to beat these two senseless if they don't say 'I love you' soon, lol. Lovely, sexy, gorgeous update. <3
Sira's Journalsira01 on February 19th, 2011 06:17 pm (UTC)
Good plan! :D May I help you, dear? :D
Thank you so much for commenting. And sorry for the late reply. House repairs kept me busy. *rolls eyes*
our little life is rounded with a sleep: Eddie/Marydefyingnormalcy on February 19th, 2011 10:41 pm (UTC)
House repairs? We are having that same issue here. *rolls eyes with you*

And yes, let us beat Laura and Bill with various blunt objects if they contintue to refuse to acknowledge their love. :D