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11 February 2011 @ 06:39 pm
Once More With Feeling - Laura/Bill - AU - 10/15  
Title:  Once More With Feeling
Author: sira01 
Pairing:  Adama/Roslin
Rating: overall story MA, this chapter K+
Summary: Sometimes running into a stranger can turn your whole life upside down.

Chapter 10

Sleeping in was a luxury she seldom indulged in. For one, her life was generally too busy to allow it, and then, there was her body whose internal alarm clock liked to rouse her before seven a.m. This morning, though, it was shortly after eight when she stretched in bed.

Sitting up with a start, she noticed Bill had already gotten up. That there hadn’t been a second of confusion, that she directly knew Bill was with her here should’ve disturbed her; yet, it didn’t. Slowly, she began to get used to the thought of letting someone truly in. And after all was said and done, this would only be a week in time, wouldn’t it? Bill might like the Laura he’d gotten to know well enough, but she wasn’t so sure if he’d like the Laura who came with a lot of baggage, namely a former long-term affair and a past she had a hard time talking about. Would she – in turn – like Bill with all there was to him? She knew he was divorced, that his relationship with his ex-wife was less than good and that he had two sons.

Something inside her told her that all of this didn’t matter, that she’d gotten to know the core of the man, that this part of him wouldn’t change no matter the circumstances.
Smelling coffee and something she was sure were eggs and bacon, she got out of bed, tiptoed toward her kitchen.

Bill had his back to her, was holding the pan with one hand, while having a book in his other one. She contemplated sneaking in, to surprise him, but didn’t want to chance startling him.

His amused “good morning” told her she shouldn’t have worried. He put the book to the side, and stirring the contents in the pan, he switched off the stove before walking toward her.

“I wanted to bring you breakfast to bed,” he said, kissing her tenderly.

“Hmmh, don’t let me stop you.”

She withdrew, smiled at him.

“When did you get up?”

“A bit after five.”

She shuddered at the thought alone. “They don’t let you sleep in on such a battlestar, do they?”

“Yeah. Not that I am one to sleep in anyway.”

“Me either. I’m surprised I slept that long. Although,” she lightly slapped his arm. “Someone kept me up rather late, drained me off all energy.”

“Should I promise not to do it again?”

“Don’t you dare. Anyway, soldier, you promised me breakfast in bed.” He had, so why shouldn’t she take him up on it?

Turning on her heel, she made a brief stop in the bathroom before settling in bed once more afterwards. Counting the reasons why she wouldn’t be able to let him go after this week was over, she almost didn’t hear him enter.
He placed the tray with breakfast between them, giving her a smile before he left once more to get their mugs with coffee. Handing her one, he sat down opposite of her.

“Hope this is to your liking.”

“This is more than I deserve,” she said, reaching for a piece of bread.

“It’s not enough.”

Giving him an uneasy smile, not knowing what to say to that, she just said nothing. In spite of his calm bearing, Bill Adama was an intense man, nearly too intense from time to time.

Halfway through breakfast, she took another sip of coffee, watched Bill who chewed some egg, seeming content for all she could see.

“Anything you’d like to do today?”

They’d agree to leave the city tomorrow, hadn’t made any plans for today. It might’ve been a good idea either as it was raining cats and dogs, not a weather that really invited you to go out.

“I’d like to work on my model ship a bit. If you don’t mind, that is.”

“No, sounds like a good plan. I’d love to finish a book I started last week. I only need to go shopping, and then we can have a cosy day in.”

“I’ll come with you.”

“You don’t have to.”

“But I’d like to.”

“Then I won’t stop you.”

Smiling at each other, they continued with breakfast.

He needed glue. Since he had hardly any left, they decided to pay the crafts shop a visit before they’d hit the grocery shop. The shop he had in mind was some way from Laura’s apartment, and he had offered to take the bus, but she had wanted to hear none of it.

Now, she was browsing the shelves while he got what he needed. Why was she so wonderful to him? So far, she had been more than patient, let him do as he pleased. He thought it shouldn’t surprise him, after all, he’d always grant her the same freedom, still, it did. Having found the glue he needed, he held it in his hand but found himself rooted to the spot, studying Laura.

She was truly beautiful, and he thought he could never tire of watching her. Obsessed with a woman at his old age. One never got too old to be struck by love. The thought of love had him snap back to reality, and moving toward the cashier, he waited for the clerk to notice him. This was one thing about the shop he liked. There was no hurry, everything happened in its due time or slower. In a time where people always hastened from one place to the next, he enjoyed the calm he could find here.

“Mr. Adama, now nice to see you again,” Ramon, the clerk greeted him.

“How are you, Ramon?”

They chatted for about five minutes while they dealt with business, and when Laura came to stand beside him, he took her hand into his. He loved to feel her smaller hand in his, the connection between them. Carolanne had hated it; Laura, at least, didn’t seem to mind. He wondered if he’d ever stop comparing Laura to his ex-wife as she truly deserved better. As if reading his thoughts once again, she squeezed his hand.

Just inside the shop, Saul Tigh stopped dead in his tracks. So that was Bill’s woman. Sliding out of sight, he took a good look at her. Damn, he’d known his friend was smitten by the way he talked or rather not talked about her, but to see the two of them together like that, he realised that Bill had fallen head over heels for this redhead. They weren’t even touching, but the way their gazes met time and again, the small smiles on their faces and how their bodies unconsciously leaned into each other told him everything he needed to know. By the Gods, that was a surprise. The old man hadn’t let anyone come close in ever so long. He had shut people out to such an extent it had Saul worry.

The woman turned, walked toward a shelf looking for something, giving Saul a good look on her. Redheads weren’t his type; still, if anyone asked him, he thought this woman was a stunner. Her hair was fiery, her figure petite with a nice rack, and she had legs to kill for. If he told Ellen about that… no, he’d never mention these to Ellen. First, she’d have a jealous fit, then, she’d make him pay. There were nicer ways to spend days with his wife.

The redhead wasn’t all that young anymore, yet, he thought Bill had a few years on her. Life had etched lines in her face, but instead of taking away her beauty, they were adding to it, giving her looks a depth that made one curious. This wasn’t a woman you’d want to play with. This was a woman you’d have to earn, and when you earned her, you would want to know more than just her body, you’d want to know her mind. Although, if he wasn’t quite mistaken, she, too, wasn’t one to let you near her quite that easily.

He actually had a good insight into people, something others hardly believed, but he let them think what they wanted to. Who cared? He knew what he knew, and that was all that counted.

So if Bill was obviously smitten with her, and she felt similar for him, what was stopping his friend? There was no obvious flaw in this woman, at least none he could see. A quick check told him she didn’t seem to be married either? So what? He didn’t feel like betraying Carolanne, did he? As smart a man as Bill Adama was, he was an idiot when it came to his ex-wife. Sure, he hadn’t been perfect, but it wouldn’t have mattered if he had been a frakking saint. Carolanne hadn’t loved him, didn’t want to stand with him in good and bad times. She had wanted a man who provided for her, one who was her own personal slave to indulge her every whim. When Bill was unable to do just that, the relationship had turned sour. More than once, he’d have loved to slap some sense into that woman, even when he thought it would’ve been useless. Anyway, if Bill ever had a chance of true happiness, this seemed to be it. So why not take it, make the best out of it?

He watched how the redhead turned toward Bill again, obviously wanting to say something, but then she froze, and he heard her cell phone ring. An annoyed look flickered over her face, then she had it out of her purse, answered the call with a curt ‘Roslin.’

Roslin? He heard the name before, come to think of it, he might’ve seen her before today. But where and when? He didn’t quite catch what she was saying, not that he cared with his brain working furiously to solve this riddle. Roslin… wait, Laura Roslin? Damn, wasn’t she a politician. He took another good look at her. Yes, it was her. Wasn’t she the secretary of education? He wouldn’t have known if he hadn’t heard rumours this woman was Adar’s mistress. When he had first heard that, he’d thought she definitely looked good enough. And she did. Dammit, was she Adar’s mistress? Was that Bill’s problem? Although, seeing the two of them together, he didn’t think this woman was playing with Bill. The affection she showed for him was too real. Knowing Bill, the solution was easier, anyway. His friend might think not to be good enough for her. That was the only thing Carolanne really managed, she’d broken Bill until he wasn’t able to see himself in a realistic way any longer.

He shrugged, turned to leave the shop. What did he know anyway? There were enough people thinking he had lost it because he stayed with a woman like Ellen. Love was a strange thing, one that used to fall where it may. Never mind, Bill’s relationship might not be his business, but he’d make it his, at least, until his friend got his act together.

Outside the shop, he took a last look, found that Roslin had ended her call, was standing beside Bill again. Whatever he told her, it made her smile, and the next moment, she leaned in, kissing Bill softly. His friend’s arms came around her waist in a gesture so affectionate and possessive it made Saul grin. Sooner or later, it hit them all.

On their way back to her apartment, they rented some movies after Laura suggested they could spend a quiet evening at home if he felt so inclined. They had rented four movies, both of them having chosen two movies each. He had decided on a very old movie, some classical drama and another movie more on the action side of things while she had chosen another classic and a romance. He thought they’d found a nice mixture, looked forward to curl up on the couch with her. Although, if he was honest, he thought he’d be more interested in his companion than the movies. She didn’t expect him to be able to keep his hands off her, did she? Maybe, if they were in a relationship, his need would be less dire, but they weren’t, and he wanted to make as many memories as he possibly could.

She gave him a look from the side, her eyes lighting up as if she could read his thoughts, and not only read them, as if she was feeling the same.

Their day was as quiet, as relaxing as he had hoped it would be. He worked on his model ship for several hours while Laura busied herself with household chores before settling in her favourite armchair with a book. They didn’t talk much, but why should they? Both of them knew how precious this time was. When did he ever grant himself some true downtime? When did she?

He was so engrossed in his task that he was surprised when she appeared before him, holding out a plate with mini-sandwiches to him. Thanking her, he took it from her, watched how she put a glass with something that appeared to be lemonade down next to the plate. She left, but was back a minute later, carrying her own lunch. They talked a bit while eating, and when they were done, Laura took the plates, brought them into the kitchen and went back to her book.

That life could be so easy, it was still a surprise to him.

In the early afternoon, heavy rain began to fall, and he had to switch on some extra lights so he could work on. Getting up, he saw that Laura was no longer reading but had her eyes closed, the book lying on her lap. Approaching her as quietly as he could, he found she had fallen asleep. He wanted to let her be, to make sure he didn’t disturb her but he couldn’t move. She looked so peaceful in her sleep, so young and unburdened. A few strands of hair had fallen into her face, and his hands itched to brush them to the side. He didn’t. It was minutes later, he finally moved back to the table where he was working, though even sitting down, he couldn’t concentrate on his ship any longer. He watched Laura, didn’t tire of looking at her, didn’t think he ever could. She was breathing quietly, deeply, and he wished he could get her a blanket, yet he feared it would wake her up. After a while, she stirred, her eyes opening. Sitting upright, she stretched, only then realising she was being watched. She gave him a smile that was a tad bit shy. It made him want to enfold her in his arms, an impulse he denied.

“Sorry, I fell asleep.”


“I didn’t mean to. It’s the rain, I love the noise. It soothes me.”

“I used to feel the same.”

“Used to.”

“Yeah. There’s not much rain in space. Now, I’m rather used to the quiet hum of the machines.”

“Actually, I don’t like space travel.”

He hadn’t known that.

“How come?”

“Don’t know, but being confined in these rather small planes, to know that the environment outside your window is hostile… And the eternal darkness of space…” She smiled. “There are some reasons why I never contemplated to join the Fleet.”

He suppressed a smirk. “You’d look good in uniform.”

Whatever she had expected him to say, this was not it. She started to giggle, these sounds of unadulterated joy warming his heart.

“But I don’t like to follow orders.”

“You rather give them.”

He could swear she was batting her eyelids at him, although the movement was ever so subtle.

“It depends.”

“On what.”

“The situation.”

He slowly shook his head. “Laura Roslin, you’re incorrigible.”

She agreed.

Picking up some clothes from the ground, she switched off the television while Bill brought their wine glasses into the kitchen. Looking after him, she was hard pressed not to whistle. He had a nice, firm backside, one she liked to look at, liked to fondle.

Blowing out the candles, she carried the clothes into her bathroom where she dropped them into the hamper. She’d wash them on Friday so Bill would have them back on Sunday. Making her way into the shower, she hummed quietly. Somehow, she wasn’t surprised the day had taken the turn it had, and although she was sure the movies they’d chosen were good, she couldn’t mourn the fact they’d made out like hormonal teenagers.

Gods, she hadn’t pulled a stunt like that since she’d been a teenager. What a pity. She loved when Bill showed her his playful side, when he teased her mercilessly until she was putty in his hands. She loved to tease him in return. Closing her eyes and throwing her head back, the warm water caressing her body, she remembered how Bill’s hands had felt trailing all over her skin, how his kisses had made her long for more and more, always more. She remembered how she had turned the tables, had mapped his body to her heart’s content. He had let her, didn’t try to hurry her when she had found and caressed several of his scars, wanting to know the story behind each of them. He hadn’t complained when she tried to kiss them better, had smiled this small smile of his, the one that spoke volumes.

Blindly reaching for the liquid soap, Laura let her hands dance over her body while she remembered how it had felt when she rode him; Bill sitting upright on the couch, her hands holding on to the couch while she took him in her body again and again. His hands had been cold on her hot skin, his mouth closing around a nipple making her fear she’d melt.

“You need help?” Bill’s voice interrupted her thoughts, and he stepped into the shower stall with her. She opened her eyes, let her gaze roam his body, didn’t try to hide her appreciation of him.

“It depends. What kind of help do you offer?”

He wasn’t ready to go another round, but it didn’t matter. His hands and mouth had her clinging to him within a few scant minutes, and when she felt boneless, he held her upright, finished washing her with the utmost tenderness. She wanted to thank him, yet she didn’t think the words potent enough to convey all she felt at the moment. So she’d kissed him, gently, stroked his cheek with still trembling fingers.

“Shall we go to bed?”

It was still dark when they got up. Only having a quick cup of coffee, they were out of the house at about half past five. Smiling at Laura who had insisted on driving, Bill leaned back in the seat, took another sip of coffee from his thermos cup.

With hardly any traffic on the streets, they should reach the Orange Mountains in about an hour, early enough to enjoy dawn out there. It always was a beautiful area, but the most beautiful in the early mornings when the sun bathed the area in a light that seemed to put the landscape on fire, everything glowing in a rich, orange hue. It was where the area had gotten its name from.

He remembered that he’d wanted to take Carolanne and the boys years ago, but his ex-wife had simply rolled her eyes at him, hadn’t taken him serious. If he wanted to crawl around Caprica in the middle of the night, it was his business but definitely not hers. Now that the boys were old enough, she didn’t see any reason why she should get up that early. He shook off these thoughts. The past wouldn’t change, the only thing he could do was not to let it control him any longer.

Reaching into his pants’ pockets, he took out his cell phone, switched it on. He’d switched it off yesterday afternoon after the third time someone had called him for no good reason. The first time, it had been his phone provider with some offer he wasn’t interested in; the second time, it had been someone from the fleet with some useless questions about his latest mission, and the last time, an uncle of him inviting him to his birthday on Saturday. Bill had declined. As he hadn’t wanted his time with Laura to be interrupted again, he’d switched the thing off, put it away. The colonies would continue turning even if he wasn’t available for a few hours.
Still, he wasn’t all that surprised to find a message on his mailbox once the cell phone had made a connection. He wanted to ignore it but decided against it.

“Are you always glaring at your cell phone?” Laura asked, throwing him a brief, amused look.

“Only when it’s bothering me during one of the best weeks I had in decades.”

It silenced her, her expression turning serious, and he could hit himself for his stupid, offhand remark. He didn’t want to pressure her into anything, didn’t want her to think he wanted more from her than she was willing to give.

“Is that so?” she asked, and he swallowed the urge to take his words back.


“Glad to hear that. It’s one of the best weeks in forever for me, too.”

If they weren’t in a car, driving, he’d have kissed her. So, he put a hand on her knee, squeezed it briefly.

“Someone left a message on my mailbox, that’s all,” he said.

“And you don’t feel like hearing who it was?”


“Cell phones. A curse and a blessing. One time, I came this close to hurl mine against the wall.”

It was hard to imagine someone as poised as Laura to harbour such thoughts.

“What happened?”

“It was an ex-lover, right after college. First, he cheated on me, then he called me dozens of times, apologised, told me it wouldn’t happen again and so on. But I wasn’t interested any longer, saw him for who he was. Ah well, that was a long time ago. So you’re going to find out who wanted something from you?”

He shrugged. “I better do. It might’ve been the Fleet. One never knows.”

Pressing the button to replay the message, he held it up to his ear, surprised to find out it was Saul. As it seemed his friend still hadn’t mastered the art of a greeting and just began to talk.

‘I guess that you switched off your damned phone means you’re busy with your woman. Good for you. Originally, I wanted to ask if the two of you’d want to meet with Ellen and me for dinner, but somehow, I can’t see you approving. Wouldn’t do to scare your lady with the likes of Ellen and I, huh? Anyway, I’ve been thinking, and you don’t have to look that shocked. Even I tend to think from time to time. You might not know it, but you look like a fool in love. Granted, you always look like a fool, but never in love. You can stop glaring, old man. I can call you a fool down here as often as I want to. Down here you ain’t my boss. Anyway, the lady making you go all soft must be someone special. Just don’t act like an idiot now, alright? Whatever you think is standing in your way can’t be that important to throw your happiness away. The Gods know you deserve some. Okay, before it gets even more sappy now, I’ll keep my mouth shut. See ya in a few. And please don’t make it necessary that we have to go a few rounds in the gym again. Bruises take their time to fade, especially at my age.’

Lowering the phone, Bill stared at it for a long minute. It hadn’t only seldom happened Saul told him he looked like a fool in love, it hadn’t happened ever. That his feelings were obvious enough for his friend to pick them up told him more than he felt like admitting to right now.

Saul might have a point or two; still, he had no idea who it was Bill was spending time with at the moment. Even with a simple woman, Bill would’ve hesitated to consider anything more permanent than spending a week together, wouldn’t have wanted to put a woman through the strain that long months of absence brought with them. Laura wasn’t a simple woman, though. She united a powerful office with the woman he couldn’t get enough of.

“Did something come up? Do we have to drive back?” came her concerned question.

“No, nothing. Just a good friend of mine trying to rattle my chains.”

“With success, from the look of it.”

“Yeah. He had to get lucky some time.”

“You two know each other for long?”

“Saul and I? You could say that.”

Without meaning to, he began to tell her how Saul and he had gotten to know each other, began to describe his friend to her. When he began to talk about Ellen, Laura let out a snort before a laugh escaped her.

“She sounds quite… unique.”

“She is. I guess I’ll never understand what these two see in each other.” He shrugged.

“There’s no way to really understand love, is there?”

“No, there isn’t. But as long as Saul is happy, and as strange as it sounds, Ellen makes him happy.”

The fell quiet again, and while Bill contemplated Saul’s message, they reached their destination. He’d have to make a decision some time soon, but not right now.

They’d been just in time. Getting out of the car, they took their backpacks and left for the view point with a few minutes to spare before the sun crept over the horizon. They were alone out there, a fact Laura was thankful for. She didn’t want to put on a façade for anyone, simply wanted to enjoy a moment of peace with a man who meant a lot to her, had the potential to mean so much more.

Without any prompting from her, Bill stepped up behind her, enfolded her in the warmth of his embrace, his head coming to rest on her shoulder. She let out a content sigh. To be with Bill didn’t stifle her; instead, it made her feel protected and wanted. She snuggled closer into him, relishing the fact his arms around her tightened.

They were silent while they watched the first rays of sunshine bathing the environment in colour, the birds in the trees starting a concert to celebrate a new day. Laura felt peace wash over her, took a deep breath.

“I wish time wouldn’t run so fast.”

It was an admission she could only make because she wasn’t facing him. In spite of the easiness of being with Bill, intimacy would always scare her on some level. That she wanted more of it, more of the man currently with her, was still surprising her.

“Me too.”

He brushed her hair to the side, kissed the side of her neck. She shivered, her skin puckering where he’d made contact. To be with this man was a constant craving, a hunger she couldn’t slack. Reaching up, she covered his hands on her stomach with hers, squeezing them.

They stood like that for nearly half an hour before they decided to walk one of the many trails around there. Reaching into his backpack, Bill got out a thermos and poured them both some tea before they slowly set off. They had all day, and Laura was in no hurry. Obviously, neither was Bill.

The terrain wasn’t too steep, and they walked for slightly over three hours, pausing now and then to sit down on one of the many benches, enjoying a few minutes of the sun shining down on them. After a while, Bill unpacked a pyramid cap and put it onto Laura’s head, ignoring her indignant protest, telling her she better protected her sensitive skin. She knew he was right, was touched he had thought so much ahead, not that she’d let him know. But she left the cap in place, teased him about the way he looked with the other one he’d brought along.

“I see they made you take strategy classes at the academy.”

“I excelled.”

She believed him.

When they were back at the car, they decided not to head home but to drive to a little, quaint town not far from there where Bill said he knew a restaurant.

The town wasn’t really much of one, consisted of twenty houses if at all, but finding them a parking space at the side of the road, Laura followed Bill to one house which identified itself as a diner. Inside, she was surprised to find everything clean and cosy. It was nice. They chose a place near the window, where they had a nice view on the range of mountains surrounding them.

“It’s beautiful,” Laura said. “Although I wouldn’t want to live here.”

“Me neither. If I have the choice, I like my space.”

“Same here.”

A strange expression flickered over his face. “One day, we… you should go to Aquarius. In the east, you find miles long beaches along the Rasparan Ocean. It’s… wonderful, and there are not many people around. It’s not so easy to reach it, the roads are old, rocky, but it’s worth every effort.”

She had liked how he’d said ‘we’ It might’ve been a blip on his part, but a telling blip if anyone asked her. Nodding at his words, they didn’t really linger with her. She’d like a vacation with Bill Adama. Although the way he looked right now, he didn’t really want it himself or he thought she wouldn’t like it. Contemplating to ask him directly, she was rather sure she wouldn’t get an answer. Not a direct one, anyway.

For now, she simply let him talk, enjoyed hearing about his many travels. He’d come far in his time, and although Laura liked making new experiences, she wasn’t one who actively looked to travel around, especially not when it involved long distance travelling. With Bill, it might be worth it, though.

Dinner took them a long time, as the couple running the diner was old, very old, took their sweet time to prepare everything. For Laura, it was part of the charm actually, and she could’ve happily spent her day here. Why was it that so many men disregarded the simple pleasures of life, figured women wanted to dine in the fanciest restaurants, wanted to be taken to the opera or somewhere where they could see and be seen? True, not all men were like that, but it seemed Laura had met one too many of that particular kind in the last years. She’d been missing out. Could she ever be go back to the way things were before? She doubted it.

“Anything on your mind?” Bill asked, sensing her mood.

She didn’t feel like lying. “You.”



She looked down, watched the steam rise from her cup of coffee.

“Care to share?” he asked softly.

Did she want to talk to him about it? She didn’t know. The time with him was giving her so much. She didn’t want to gamble only to lose everything she had. Not a coward by nature, she still was egoist enough to want to keep what she had. She said the first thing coming to her mind.

“I only wondered if I could get you to read to me again. Maybe we’re going to manage to finish Searider Falcon this time around.”

And odd expression flickered over his face.

“I don’t think we can,” he said. “At least, I can’t.”

“I don’t think I understand.”

His shoulders slumped slightly, and he looked out of the window.

“I…,” he looked back at it. “I’ve never finished it.”

“Searider Falcon?”


It surprised her. Hadn’t he told her it was his favourite book? She couldn’t imagine loving a book yet not finishing it. Endings were a part of life, weren’t they?

“Any specific reason?” she asked quietly.

He looked at her, his eyes holding so much sadness it made her throat constrict, nearly making her wish she hadn’t asked in the first place.

“I don’t like endings, especially the bitter ones.”

“That’s life.”

“Yeah, it is.”


“But for as long as I don’t know the ending, there’ll be hope, there are still various options. I believe in hope, not endings.”

Hope. She didn’t snort, but it was a close thing. Not feeling able to hold his gaze for much longer, she looked away from him. Hope, it was a concept foreign in her life, something she hadn’t allowed herself to feel in years. In her opinion, hope could only lead to disappointment. When she had still been young, she had hoped for a good life, a job, a husband; happiness, when she’d been engaged in college. Later, she had hoped her mother would make it when she learned she suffered from breast cancer. She had hoped to wake up one day to find out her father and sisters having been killed had only been a bad dream. All of her hopes had shattered sooner or later. She didn’t believe in hope, and Bill didn’t believe in endings. Looking up at him, seeing his worried eyes resting on her, she tried a smile. Maybe they could learn from each other. Although, wouldn’t it need more time, time they didn’t have. If she were a different person, she might hope for more being possible between them, but she didn’t dare.

“We could always try a different book then.”

He knew she was evading the topic; he didn’t press her, though, conceded with a nod. It was the first time they’d avoided a topic instead of addressing it, and although it made her sad, she didn’t know how to talk about it without opening a can of worms.

“Shall we go back,” Bill finally asked when he realised nothing more was forthcoming.


She waited until he’d paid their check, and together, they made their way back to Caprica City. Nearing the city, she didn’t have the feeling of coming home she usually had. There was some lingering sadness inside of her she just couldn’t shake. Thoughts and memories too long suppressed wanted to claw at her, and she knew their potential to hurt was as great as it was because she was too happy otherwise. It was a happiness on borrowed time, though. Not once, Bill had mentioned he’d like to see her again once their time was up, and she wouldn’t ask him. If this wasn’t what he wanted, she wouldn’t throw herself at him. Parking her car, she turned to Bill.

“Want to try one of the movies again?”
Pipfireflies_uk on February 11th, 2011 06:30 pm (UTC)
Sigh...for gods sake tell each other how you feel! haha

Loving this still...
our little life is rounded with a sleep: A/R defyingnormalcy on February 12th, 2011 05:08 am (UTC)
I agree!

I really want them to realize their love for one another, they always seem to be dancing around their emotions, even in AU. *sigh* This was so lovely. :D
Sira's Journal: adama/roslin - love is in the airsira01 on February 12th, 2011 06:33 pm (UTC)
Thank you so very much, hon.
And yes, it's somehow so...them, isn't it?
But well, I hope it's no secret my stories come with happy ending guarantee if there's not a big fat character death disclaimer. *lol*
our little life is rounded with a sleep: Eddie/Marydefyingnormalcy on February 12th, 2011 10:43 pm (UTC)
Hehe, I love your happy ending guarantees. :D
Sira's Journal: adama/roslin - love is in the airsira01 on February 12th, 2011 06:31 pm (UTC)
Thank you so much, hon.
And well, I'm sure they'll be crystal clear on their feelings in another five chapters. *lol*
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