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10 February 2011 @ 08:18 am
Once More With Feeling - Laura/Bill - AU - 9/15  
Title:  Once More With Feeling
Author: sira01 
Pairing:  Adama/Roslin
Rating: overall story MA, this chapter K+
Summary: Sometimes running into a stranger can turn your whole life upside down.

Chapter 9

Leaving the shop, he looked at the three bags in his hand and was content. He had gotten everything he wanted or needed, and now, he still had enough time to head for Laura’s apartment and prepare everything before it was time to meet her.

Checking his watch, he let out an impatient growl. This was the fifth time this hour he’d checked his watch. Time wouldn’t pass faster the more often he looked at his watch. How could he miss Laura that much after only a few hours? He’d lived decades without even knowing her. Now that he did, though, he wanted more. He loved seeing her smile, he loved how she used to brush her hair out of her face time and again, and he loved seeing her legs showcased rather nicely by her tight skirts. This woman was sin and perfection, and he counted himself lucky that no one had dragged her in front of the next priest, yet. She was a keeper. Maybe she wasn’t for him to keep, but he’d have a few wonderful days with her.

Once inside her apartment, he put some of the things he’d bought on the dining table before taking the rest of the groceries and walking into her kitchen. He didn’t waste time preparing dinner, starting with a marinade for the meat before beginning to cut the vegetables. Only now and here, he realised how much he’d missed cooking. In earlier years, he had loved cooking for his family, but after his divorce, there hadn’t been much sense in cooking for himself. He remembered Lee and Zak had been crazy for his dessert. Especially Lee had never gotten enough of his Caprican chocolate cream. He wondered if his son still had this sweet tooth. So far, this time, he hadn’t called his sons, wondered if he should. At least Zak might want to meet up with him. Deciding to do this tomorrow, he concentrated on the vegetables again. He only hoped the finished product would taste good, that she’d like it. After all, he didn’t have any good idea what she liked. He knew she had a healthy appetite, loved ice cream, but if she liked spicy food or not, he had no idea. This was something to be seen, and he believed in live and learn. Once the vegetables were on the stove, he heated the pan.

In less than an hour, dinner was prepared, dessert in the fridge and the kitchen as good as cleaned. He’d still have plenty of time to prepare everything for tonight before he had to head out. Laughable as it was, in spite of his age, he was nervous, anticipated and dreaded the moment Laura found out what he’d planned. When had been the last time he’d wanted to impress a woman? He couldn’t remember. Passing through her living room, his eyes scanned her bookshelf, and he stopped dead in his tracks. Searider Falcon. He remembered reading it to her. Getting it out, he took it with him. Maybe she’d allow him to read to her again.

She enjoyed the exhibition, enjoyed being here with Bill. It was nice to be with someone to talk to, someone who shared a common interest. Although, the man in question was distracted. It was nothing obvious, he was attentive, seemed to enjoy the art, yet he exuded some low-grade restlessness. After slightly more than an hour, she had enough, stopped them with a hand on his arm.

“What is it?”

“I think I don’t understand.”

“Something is troubling you. What is it?”

She watched several emotions flicker over his face, relieved when a fine smile began to play around his lips.

“I think I want to go home… to your apartment, I mean.”

Home. This blip shouldn’t mean a thing to her, yet it did.

“Why didn’t you tell me you’re not feeling well? I’d never dragged you here.”

Damn, he didn’t have to try to accommodate her every wish.

His smile deepened, puzzling her.

“I’m fine. Maybe a bit nervous.”

“The surprise?” she asked, realisation slowly dawning on her.

He shrugged. She took it as a yes. Stepping closer so they were nearly brushing against each other, she looked up, batted her eyelids for emphasis.

“You’re going to tell me?”

“Nope. Just let’s go home and see for yourself.”

“Not fair.”

He chuckled, lifted her chin with a finger. “Pouting isn’t fair either.”

“I’m not pouting.”

“Of course, you are. You should…”

“Ms. Roslin,” someone interrupted them, and Laura cursed fate for having one of their interns intruding on a perfectly fine moment. Schooling her features, she put a smile on her face, turned to young man who had addressed her.

“Mr. Keikeiya. What a surprise.”

The young man smiled at her. He seemed nervous and radiated an innocence that was as sweet as it was infuriating. She knew his vita, felt that he wasn’t only smart but could make it far. But if he wanted to make it at all, he’d have to shed a good deal of his innocence, needed a healthy dose of cynicism and egoism. He wouldn’t survive politics otherwise.

“Yeah, I just saw you and thought I say hello.”

She kept her smile, turning slightly toward Bill, introducing the two men. The look on Bill’s face nearly had her sigh. This wasn’t the man she’d gotten to know, but this had to be the man commanding a battlestar, his expression emotionless, stony. It was hard to believe he’d looked at her with so much tenderness less than a minute ago.

Well, if that didn’t feel awkward, she didn’t know what did.

“I didn’t know you were interested in art,” she addressed Billy.

A rather pained expression crossed the young man’s face.

“It’s certainly interesting, but I’m afraid I’m not all that interested in this form of art. My… my parents made me go.”

Why did she always feel like giving him a pat, followed by shaking him?

“I see. Well, you’ll survive, I’m sure.”

He nodded, and finally seemed to realise that he was rather disturbing them.

“Anyway, I should go back to them. Have a good day, Madame Secretary, Commander.”

“You too,” she said, relieved when he turned and left.

Bill was still way too quiet. She turned toward him again, caught him flinching. She tried a smile.

“Afraid to be seen with me?”

She had caught him by surprise. Good.

“I thought it might be rather the other way around.”

She suppressed a sigh. “Don’t be ridiculous.”

“I’m not. Laura… I’m … well… I don’t want to stand into your career’s way, harm it in any way.”

“Gods, Bill. Tell me you don’t really think that.”

She saw that he did. Contemplating to discuss this out with him right here, she decided against it. Instead, she closed the distance between them, gave him a brief, chaste kiss.

“Someone promised me a surprise. I want it.”

It had the effect she had hoped for. Bill’s features softened.

“You’re very demanding, Madame Secretary.”

“Yes, I am. It’s the key to success. Shall we leave then?”


They spent the drive in silence, and Laura wondered what Bill was thinking about. He was looking out of the side window, seemed deeply in thought. She wished she could’ve spared them the intrusion of reality, but how could she have? Never mind she didn’t see a problem. As a member of the cabinet she had to mind her behaviour in public, but it didn’t mean she wasn’t entitled to dating, to going out. If she wanted to go out with an enigmatic military officer, she would. Who would stop her?

Reaching her apartment block, they parked the car, and having gotten out of it, Laura reached for Bill’s hand.

“I enjoyed it.”

“Enjoyed what?” he asked.

“That there was someone to meet with after work, someone to go home with. I’m not used to this, Bill, didn’t even know I’d like it.”

“Me too.”

As if unable to stay away from him, she sought out his personal space again, and this time, it was her kissing him. It was slow, tender, and she felt herself wanting him more than she should, at least for as long as they were still outside. Breaking the kiss, she stepped away, not letting go of his hand, though.

“Let’s go inside.”

He chuckled, and she quirked her eyebrow.

“We should. But not for that.”

“That? And why not?”

“Yeah, that. Making love, frakking each other senseless, whatever you prefer. But it’s not on my plan.”

“It isn’t?” She shouldn’t feel disappointed, should she?

“Well, actually, it might be. But not right now. Come on.”

To say she was intrigued would’ve been an understatement. Opening her apartment, she let him proceed before she followed him inside. The smell was the first thing she noticed. It had her stomach churn. She turned to Bill.

“You cooked.”


“Gods, it smells delicious. What is it?”

He looked pleased at her statement. “Nothing fancy. Tauron beef, vegetables and mashed potatoes.”

“Fancy or not, you got me hungry here.”

Stepping inside her living room, she stopped dead in her tracks.

Bill had put her couch table to the side and used the space he’d created to spread a blanket and several pillows on the ground. It looked comfortable, and she couldn’t wait to sit down. Another quick glance across the room showed her he’d placed candles nearly everywhere. While she was still letting it sink in, he began lighting them, and when he passed her stereo, he turned it on, soft music filling the room.

“A picnic?” she said, turning to Bill.

He shrugged, smiled.

“I wanted something different, wanted us to be comfortable.”

It was an amazing, a thoughtful idea, and she told him so.

He looked happy at her words. “I’ll fetch us something to drink. Why don’t you get comfortable?”

Watching him leave for the kitchen, she knew she was staring after him, enjoying the sight of his strong, muscular built. She couldn’t contain the smile on her face, but why should she. Shedding her suit jacket, taking the time to put it over the back of a chair, she walked toward the nest he’d created for them. Yes, it was as cosy as it looked like. Sitting cross-legged, she closed her eyes, enjoyed the soft, seductive music, the scent of the meal he’d cooked. A peaceful feeling settled over her. There was still a certain anticipation, the hope to make love to Bill later this evening, but there wasn’t an urgency to it.

“I hope you like Gemenese red wine,” Bill’s voice had her opening her eyes.

“I love it. Thank you.”

Taking the glass from him, she waited until he had taken a seat himself, and they clinked glasses, shared a smile before tasting the wine. Enjoying the rich, velvety flavour she shook her head. The candles, the music, this man; it was the perfect combination. Her day had been rather stressful, and she had believed to go to the exhibition with Bill would be the highlight of her day. She’d been wrong. This was it.

“I love your smile,” Bill said, and reaching out, he trailed a fingertip along her lips, leaving her skin tingling.

“It’s hard not to smile with you around.”

He laughed quietly. “That’s not something I heard before.”

“You must’ve been with the wrong people then.”

“Obviously. I’m glad that I’m not now.”

“Me too.”

She wondered if he noticed he was still touching her, that his hand rested on her knee, his warmth seeping through her stockings. It felt good. She loved when he touched her. Bill Adama never took something for granted, never treated her as if he were entitled to take what he wanted from her. He treated her with respect and a gentleness she hadn’t known before.

“Shall I see about dinner?”

She was hungry, her stomach growling at the mentioning of food, yet she didn’t want this moment to end. Dinner would wait.

“Let’s wait a bit longer,” she said, saw understanding dawning in his eyes.

“Yeah,” he agreed, and his thumb began to rub circles on her knee.

Gods, she wanted him. Taking another sip of her wine, she put the glass away, safely out of reach. Bill must’ve seen something in her eyes, because he did the same, held his arms open when she bridged the distance, climbed onto his lap.

“Thank you for doing this all.”

“I want to spoil you.”

Making sure she had his gaze, she let his fingers play with the hair at the nape of his neck.

“Then spoil me even more.”

Kissing him, suckling at his bottom lip, she let out a content hum.

Holding Laura in his arms, he couldn’t imagine feeling any better. He had counted on making love with her tonight. What he hadn’t expected was that it would happened before dinner, that it would be tender. Making love so slowly was something he hadn’t allowed himself in too long, was something he could become addicted to. He could become addicted to Laura if he wasn’t careful. Everything in him called out to this slender woman, to her passion, her compassion, her smile, her laughter, her wit….

He groaned as his relief washed over him and Laura was right with him.

He couldn’t feel more content.

“You’re thinking again.”

“You can still read me.”

“Yes. It’s… easy.”

“It shouldn’t be that easy. Not that fast.”

“I know.”

She stretched, placing lazy kisses all over his chest. That she could read him wasn’t the only thing that hadn’t changed, which he realised when her stomach growled once more.

“I’ll heat dinner.”

“Does that mean I have to let go of you.”

“I’ll be back soon.”

She mock sighed, but didn’t resist when he got up.

“I could get used to this decadent luxury.”

“Me too.”

He knew he’d have to go back to his ship in a few days, and if he hadn’t really been able to forget Laura the last time, he was sure he wouldn’t be able to this time.

Not bothering with any clothes, apart of his boxers, he heated dinner on the stove, his thoughts lingering on making love with Laura. Before the night was over, he’d want to have her again, to taste her, to be one with her.

Preparing two plates, he carried them back to the living room. Laura was still lying down, was humming in tune with the music. She had put on some nightie, and the way it hugged her curves, it could easily make him forget dinner.

Hearing him approach, she looked at him.

“This smells too good to be true.”

“It’s traditional food. Nothing special.”

She sat up. “You’ve got no idea how sick I am of fancy food. Once you work in politics, you visit way too many functions with people presenting you with one strange dish after the other.”

Picking up a first bite, she chewed, closed her eyes, let out a quiet moan.

They ate in silence, and if he couldn’t stop watching her, she didn’t complain once. When they had finished, she picked up the plates, in spite of his protests he could do it. Following her into the kitchen, he got out dessert while she put the dishes into the sink.

Seeing the chocolate cream, Laura’s eyes lit up. How could she be so thankful for such simple things?

It seemed that like him, she hadn’t had someone in her life who loved to care for her, to grant her a bit of simple joy. In his case, it was to be expected. No one would ever think to spoil the commander of a battlestar, but in her case, there should’ve been someone to care, someone who made sure she had everything she needed and more.

Handing Laura one glass with chocolate cream, he took the second one.

“I want to read to you,” he said when Laura turned to leave for the living room once more.

She turned on her heel.

“Read to me?”

“Yes. Searider Falcon. I found it on your bookshelf.”

He hadn’t forgotten. It would sound ridiculous if she told him how often she’d remembered that particular part of their night together, how often she’d re-read that story so she wouldn’t forget.

“I would like that,” she said, and his eyes lit up.

“Come on then.”

He passed her, led the way into the living room.

Following him, she sat down on the blankets, began spooning her chocolate cream while she watched him getting the book which he had placed under one of the pillows. Was this man always that prepared?

The chocolate cream was delicious, and she let out a grateful hum.

“You like it?”

“Try ‘love it’.”

“Glad to hear it.”

Instead of eating his own dessert, he opened the book.



“Before I forget it and will emerge myself into the world of fiction, I’ll have to go into work tomorrow but will be free for the rest of the week.”

“I like that.” A genuine smile flickered over his face.

She liked it, too. Maybe she hadn’t planned this vacation, but she wanted to use the time they had.

“What would you like to do?” she asked him.

“I can’t tell you. I didn’t think about it. How about driving out of the city one day? We could enjoy a day in the mountains.”

“I’d like that. And maybe, if you want to, we could go and watch a boxing match. “

“I’d love that. Are you sure you’d like that, though.”

She laughed. “Very sure. My father loved boxing. He took me to many a fight.”

“Then I’d love to see one.”

“Good. I know there are some matches this Friday. We should have a look who’ll fight.”

She spooned the rest of her chocolate cream, disappointed it was gone. Licking her spoon clean, she heard Bill chuckle.

“Here,” he held out his own dessert to her.

“No, this is yours.”

“Take it.”

If he was sure. It really tasted good. Deciding he wouldn’t have offered if he hadn’t been serious, she took the glass from him.

“Now relax,” he said, beginning to read.

At first, she couldn’t concentrate, simply enjoyed his voice, the feeling of rightness. It had been too long since she’d allowed herself a true pause, to enjoy life instead of hurrying from one task to the next. Coming to think of it, she didn’t have any real vacation in close to two years. If at all, she’d taken off one or two days in a row when there were pressing things to be taken care of.

Watching Bill, who seemed to lose himself in the book’s world, she couldn’t help the smile forming on her face. Today, he had surprised her. Before he’d leave, she’d surprise him. A first idea began to form in her mind.

Once she finished her dessert, she put the two glasses safely out of reach before lying down. It was comfortable, still… Taking up one of the smaller pillows she deposited it in Bill’s lap, rested her head on it. He didn’t even stop reading. The only reaction was one of his hands touching her cheek, stroking along her arm once.

She felt save, protected, loved, although the latter was a thought she didn’t allow herself to linger on. This wasn’t love, couldn’t be. If it was… what were the chances? She didn’t want to end up with a broken heart. Not again.

Shoving the thought aside, she concentrated on the moment, on Bill reading, on the feeling of absolute contentedness.

Soon, she became drowsy, lulled by his voice. She wanted to fight it but couldn’t. She fell asleep.

Waking up, she had no idea how much time had passed. Fighting her way back to consciousness, she found they were still in the living room, but that they both were lying down by now. Bill and she seemed to be helplessly entangled, and he had covered them both with a blanket. That he could’ve done so while she slept through, it was something she could hardly believe.

“Hey,” he greeted her.

“Hey, yourself.”

“Didn’t want to disturb you by carrying you into bed.”

“That’s okay. I’m sorry I fell asleep on you.”

“Doesn’t matter.”

“I enjoyed that you read to me.”

“You want me to go on.”

She shook her head. “No, just hold me.”


Always was a concept that sounded less scary than it had only some time ago.

“Is it bad of me that I don’t want to move ever?”

“I feel the same.”

“Did you sleep?” she asked.

“Not yet.”

She willed herself to open her eyes. Most of the candles had burned down by now, and she couldn’t see the time.

“How late is it?”

“I think a bit after two.”

“Damn,” she sighed. “I should set an alarm.”

“When do you want to get up?”

“Half past five at the latest.”

“Then don’t worry. I’ll wake you.”

“You don’t need an alarm?”

“Didn’t need one in years.”

She trusted him. That and the fact she felt too good to move. He felt too good to make her move.

“Sleep now, too.”

“I will.”

“Don’t make me sing you a lullaby.”

“And if I’d love one.”

“You’d get one. Just don’t complain to me afterwards.”

“Sing to me, Laura.”

His request spoken so soft was one she couldn’t deny. She couldn’t sing, but did it matter? Placing a kiss on his shoulders, she began to sing.

He shouldn’t have met with Saul. He trusted this man like he would a flesh and blood brother, but sometimes, he didn’t get him. Waiting for their second round of drinks to arrive, he wondered how a man who was obviously intelligent could live with a woman like Ellen Tigh. Only hearing about her latest antics had him shake his head.

People were different, he knew and respected that, and for some, an open relationship worked, but wasn’t Saul jealous? At least sometimes? If he thought he’d have to share Laura… He let the thought slide at once, was shocked he had it in the first place. He had no claim on Laura. What they had shared, were sharing was incredible, but it didn’t mean it could ever be more than that.

“You didn’t hear a word I was saying, have you?” Saul asked.

“Sorry, no.”

“Please tell me it’s at least a woman this time.”

He wanted to deny, but opted for telling the truth this time.

“Yeah, it is.”

“That’s the reason I couldn’t get you at your apartment?”

“You tried to call me?”

“Yeah, yesterday and this morning too.”

“I haven’t spent much time in there.”

Saul eyed him, a speculative gleam in his eyes. Their drinks arrived, and Saul raised his mug.

“To women.”

Bill nodded, took a gulp.

“So, who is she?”

The who was something he wouldn’t divulge. Laura might not be a politician in the general limelight, but it didn’t mean he wouldn’t try to protect her position.

“Someone I didn’t think I’d ever meet again.”

“You know each other?”

“Yeah, we met before.”

“She must be pretty amazing. You’re totally out of it.”

He glared at Saul, to no avail.

“She’s wonderful.”

“Good in bed.”

“Dammit, Saul. There’s more to relationships than good sex.”

“So it’s good.”

He didn’t credit this comment with an answer, stared into his drink, wondering what Laura was up to. As this would be her last day at work for the week, she had told him she’d come home rather late. They hadn’t made any plans either. He’d offered to cook, but she told him the leftovers of yesterday would suffice, to not make a fuss out of it.

When Saul had called him on his cell phone and they agreed to meet at their favourite pub, he’d called Laura, told her he might be in even later than she, and she’d told him not to worry, to have a good time. Yes, she was amazing, and he couldn’t wait to see her again.

“Gods, it has hit you pretty bad, hasn’t it?”

“Don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“You. I know you, Bill. This woman isn’t just a diversion. She matters.”

He looked at his oldest friend. “Yeah, she does.”

“You’re in a real relationship now?”

If only it was that easy. He hadn’t even asked himself if that was what he wanted, even if he had an inkling what his answer would be.

“No. It’s not that simple.”

“It isn’t? So she doesn’t feel the same?”

Another question he hadn’t dared ask.

“I don’t know.”

“What’s the frakking problem then? You’ve fallen for some mysterious woman who you are frakking up and down Caprica. The woman seems to like you at least well enough to let you frak her up and down Caprica. Sound like more than just a one- or two-night stand to me.”

“Believe me, it’s not that easy.”

There was her job, the fact he came with emotional baggage and that she seemed to have been wounded in her past as much as he had. Maybe he complicated it all too much, but maybe he should simply take his leave in a few days from now and let her be.

Filing the last of her papers and putting the folder away, she began cleaning her desk, humming softly. For once, she couldn’t wait to leave, to get home. She had no idea if Bill would be there when she arrived, but it didn’t matter as he’d be with her sooner or later. Should he still be out when she came home, she’d prepare dinner, maybe run a bath. Or she could actually try on some of the lingerie she got to wear way too seldom. Well, first the bath, then the lingerie and afterwards taking care of dinner. She’d make dessert.

“Must be some man having you smile like that.”

She hadn’t heard Richard enter, turned to him.

“Am I smiling?”

“Yes, you are.”

Richard was smiling as well, seemed relax.

“What can I do for you, Mr. President?”

It was seldom Richard found his way into her office, without his aides or bodyguards no less.

“I need your help.”

Her mood darkened, but he held up a hand.

“Don’t you worry. I don’t want to interfere with your vacation. But I need to give a speech at the university next week. I need some input about the latest figures concerning the latest number of students and so on. I suggest we have a look into everything next Monday.”

“That’s fine with me. You could’ve called me, you know. No need to come down here.”

He leaned against her desk.

“Maybe I wanted to see you.”

Richard never did anything without a purpose. “Alright, let’s be upfront here. What do you want?”

He chuckled. “Laura, Laura, Laura. Always so distrustful. I only wanted to wish you a good vacation that’s it.”

“That isn’t all. We know each other too well for lies. You should know that.”

He shrugged. “I guess I wanted another look, wanted to assure myself you’re as happy as you looked yesterday. I never made you look like that.”

She hadn’t expected this statement, had nothing to reply to this. It was the truth. They both knew it.

“I only hope we can remain friends.” He straightened. “Enjoy your days off, and tell your man he has to answer to the president if he doesn’t treat you right.”

He was gone an instant later.

Friends? Had they ever been friends? She doubted it. Still, it relieved her to see Richard being fine with her moving on. Deciding to forget about Richard, she took up her bag. She wanted to get home, to see Bill. Everything else could wait.

Looking at his watch, he thought he might be early enough to make it to Laura’s apartment before her. He’d like to set everything for a quiet evening. Taking the keys out of his pocket, he weighed them in his hands. That he had her keys seemed like such an insignificant thing, yet it wasn’t. She trusted him with her living space. It mattered, meant something. They meant something. He could try to deny it as much as he wanted to, but he’d never be able to deny the attraction between them, the deeper feelings he harboured for this beautiful, proud and gentle woman. He knew she had claws, that she knew how to use them. One couldn’t help but notice Laura Roslin’s spine. But he’d never been interested in women who weren’t their own people, didn’t have their own opinion.

Laura could be the woman to capture his heart. Tracing his thumb along the key, he smiled sadly. She might capture his heart, but he doubted he was the right man for her. Under different circumstances, he might make a good match for Laura Roslin, yet he wouldn’t make a good match for Madame Secretary.

Deciding not to linger any longer, he opened the door to the apartment, only to realise Laura must’ve arrived before him. There was light in the living room, and he heard some music coming from the bedroom. His first impulse was to call out to her, but he didn’t. Toeing off his shoes, he made his way over where he heard Laura humming in tune to the music. She thought she couldn’t sing. She was wrong. He loved her soft yet strong voice. The door to the bedroom was nearly closed, just a crack remained open, and drawn to her like a moth to a flame, he took a look inside, his breath catching at the sight that awaited him. Laura had her put up her hair, although some errant tendrils were flowing freely down her naked back. She had one of her legs propped up on the bed, was in the process of putting one a stocking. Magnificent, she was magnificent. Apart of stockings, she only wore a bra, a thong, and a garter belt. There wasn’t much to her underwear anyway, it was red and sheer. He suspected one sharp tug, and it would rip. Need arose in him, made him forget everything else. No matter how often he joined with this woman, he’d be left craving more. Not wanting to scare her, he cleared his throat, watched how she turned surprised. He opened the door fully, and her eyes met his. She flushed, but then a smile grazed her lips when she took him in. He knew his desire had to be apparent in his eyes. Looking down his body, her smile became even broader. Yes, he was hard for her. He didn’t feel ashamed about his reaction, was pleased that she wasn’t put off by it, simply seemed to want him in return.

“Laura,” he said, not finding any words that could convey what he felt at the moment.

“Come here,” she said, and like a puppet on a string, he crossed the distance between them.

Laughing quietly, she tugged at one of his spare breast hairs, ignored his fake indignant hiss.

“Having fun?”

“Oh yes, I do. You know, that was not what I had planned?”

“What was your plan?”

“Originally, I thought we could have dinner, enjoy some conversation and then proceed to dessert.”


“Yes. I thought you wouldn’t mind if I declared myself dessert.”

He chuckled. “You’re my favourite dessert.”

She believed him. The way he’d eaten her out not quite half an hour ago didn’t leave any question about him enjoying this particular act.

“And there I thought you really like chocolate cream.”

“Given the choice, I’d always prefer you. Next time, you’ll be my dessert, right?”

He grinned. “Disappointed your plan didn’t work out?”

He was joking, right? Although absolutely unplanned, their lovemaking had been intense and fulfilling. The memory of how he had lowered her onto the bed and dragged down her panties with his teeth was enough to send another flush of arousal over her body.

“The best plans are the ones which are adaptable anyway.”


Showering his chest with kisses, craving his taste and the contact, she was amazed how fast she had gotten used to him. She liked having him in her life. If she could have one wish about now, it would be for more time. There were so many sides to this man, and she wanted to explore them all.

He let her have her way with him to her heart’s content, and when she sidled closer again, his hand curled around her waist.

“Did you have a good day?” he asked.

The question stumped her, but maybe it shouldn’t have. Bill cared. She could count the times someone asked about her days within the last five years on both hands.

“It was good actually. A lot of last minute work to take care of, but that was to be expected. Although the day ended with quite a…,” she broke off, realising she had said too much, and Bill turned to her.

“A…?” he prompted.

“A surprise.”

“What kind of surprise?”

She couldn’t tell him, could she? Still, it wasn’t as if…


“I met my…ex-lover. He said I look happy, and he wished me all the best.”

The expression on Bill’s face was unreadable.

“That’s good, isn’t it?”

“Yes, it is. Look, Bill, I don’t want to taint our time by mentioning the past. I’m sorry I brought it up.”

He smiled, softly. “Hey, it’s alright. You don’t have to hide from me.”

Not only didn’t she want to, but she doubted she could.

“It was just something I hadn’t expected to happen.”

She kissed him softly. “Still, let’s enjoy what we have.”

Sitting up in bed, she looked down at him. Gods, he looked good in her bed.

“How about I go and heat dinner?” she asked.



“Yes, I want to have more dessert first.”

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